Safety Message Alert!

Last week a young carpentry apprentice tragically died in a workplace accident on a construction site in Fullarton. 

This sad news reminds us all that working in the construction industry has its risks and we want you to go home safe at night!

Stay alert with some of these safety reminders:

  • Identify and control ALL of the hazards associated with the task/s you are undertaking on your worksite
  • Ensure you use the correct PPE provided to protect you
  • Only do the task/s that you are trained in and competent to undertake
  • If in doubt, ask: tradespersons, your supervisor or host employer, your Apprenticeship Coordinator or the PEER VEET WHS Manager.

If you have any concerns about the safety management in your workplace please let us know immediately by calling WHS Manager Malcolm Baxter or your Apprenticeship Coordinator on 08 8348 1200.

If you have any other personal concerns affecting your work and want to talk to someone you can call your Apprenticeship Coordinator who can refer you to our EAP program or you can contact MIC direct on 1300 642 111.

From The PEER VEET Team