#17 - Science in our Cultures

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Professor Brian Cox, one of the 'Profs' for Pi with the Prof

Professor Brian Cox will be joining the Pi with the Prof special event as one of our 'Profs'. Find out more about the event below.

A word from...

Paul Cunningham, ESOF 2016 Science and Careers Programme Manager 

Science is an important part of our cultures, from shaping the way in which we view and interpret our world to how we understand the environment in which we live, how we interact with it and communicate our understandings and perceptions to others. ESOF has a whole theme, Science in our Cultures, dedicated to the role that science plays in our lives. Below are two sessions from 'Science in our Cultures' that highlight how culture and science interact.

Alongside this is the Careers Programme which will aim to help those embarking on their scientific journeys gain a better understanding of some of the key issues that science faces. As part of this programme, we are also excited to be able to announce the Pi with the Prof event, an ESOF tradition: a special event held for early career researchers to give them the chance to sit down with eminent professors and industry professionals and discuss their research area, careers and everything in between. More details on this can be found below, together with a link to our website to register for this event.

We look forward to seeing you in Manchester in just over a month!

Man on a bike

Doping in elite sports and beyond

Doping has spread from elite sports to recreational sport and is now moving into the growing “fitness movement”. 

In our topical session on Tuesday, we explore the complex issues that cut across science, ethics, and sports governance. This session will highlight this complexity, and the interplay of philosophy and science that is required in order to carry out an anti-doping policy effectively and ethically.

The international panel includes Professor Arne Ljungqvist, Former Vice President of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) and Honorary Member of the International Olympic Committee and Hans Geyer, current deputy head of the WADA accredited doping control laboratory in Cologne, amongst other eminent experts.

Read more about this session here. 

Photo: Mariano Kamp, Flickr

Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan

SESAME – a scientific source of light for the Middle East and neighbouring regions 

In 2013, SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East) was endorsed by 45 Nobel Laureates who described the project as: "a beacon, demonstrating how shared scientific initiatives can help light the way towards peace".  This session takes a fresh look at SESAME, its mission to develop scientific excellence in the region, and look forward to the SESAME scientific programme, presenting the view of a young scientist preparing to do research at one of the facility’s first two beam lines.

This session features an outstanding panel, including HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan of Jordan and Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith

Read more about this session here. 

Professor Sir Venki Ramakrishnan

Pi with the Prof

P with the Prof is a unique event at ESOF, where early-stage career delegates are offered the opportunity to meet with professors and professionals from the scientific world. From pizza in Turin to pretzels in Munich, Manchester will continue this tradition by serving a traditional British pie – or, to give it a mathematical flavour, ‘Pi with the Prof’.
With over 20 'Profs' signed up to take part, the event provides a unique opportunity for early-stage career researchers to meet with a leader in their field of interest and to pose questions and share ideas on the direction of their research, careers and future paths and to have general science discussions – all in an informal atmosphere.

For more information and to register your interest, please visit the website.

ESOF 2012 Exhibition

ESOF Exhibition

In Manchester Central, there will be an exciting exhibition featuring global companies, leading research institutions and some of the best educational establishments from across Europe. There will be stands to browse, areas to kick back and relax in and network with fellow delegates and exhibitors, and on-site refreshments. There are also theatres where additional talks will be held which all exhibition attendees can visit. 

And for those delegates who are business minded there will be a free consultancy clinic where you can book, on the day, to get advice from industry professionals .

If that wasn't enough, McLaren will be bringing Niki Lauda's 1982 MP4/1 McLaren which will greet visitors as they enter Manchester Central exhibition hall.

Falling Walls

Falling Walls at ESOF

Breaking Walls Through Science Communication

Knowing how to present your science and being able to connect with colleagues across disciplines have become important skills in today’s academic world. On 25 July, the Falling Walls Foundation hosts an interactive session that provides new and refreshing insights into communicating complex scientific topics to general audiences.

Apply before 15 July and get a chance to present your research in 3 minutes – you will receive valuable feedback from the panel and the audience! Email press@falling-walls.com.

Great Science Share

Great Science Share

With careers a central focus of ESOF, it was obvious that this needed to extend out into the local community. Through the European City of Science, Greater Manchester will be hosting the Great Science Share on 6 July, a day where schools across the region can share the science they enjoy.

We would like to thank our partners in offering great incentives to the scheme and helping to encourage young people to engage with STEM subjects at school. If you or your organisation would like to get involved in the Great Science Share, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Follow the event on social media through @2016GSS and #ScienceShare.

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