Hand-Picked Email Resources

I finally replaced my old /resources page on my website. And kind of went overboard, too.

Product update video

Email Toolbox is a large (and growing) collection of resources for anyone in email. Courses, articles, people, tools... pretty much anything for anyone.

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I, Website

A weird, but cool, essay from Chris Coyier on the nature and beauty of the humble website.

Combination of miracles

A Normal Person's Guide to Public Speaking

Fantastic tips from James Greig on how to tackle public speaking without losing your shit. As someone who speaks occassionally, I'll be looking at this before any talk.

Train your butterflies

What do you want to learn about email?

Promise this is the last time I'll mention this here. I'd adore you forever if you took my quick survey—it'll help me make the second version of Professional Email Design even better.

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