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speechBITE are one of the exhibitors at the Speech Pathology Australia virtual conference, which is running from 31st May–2nd June 2021. Delegates can schedue a call with us, to learn more about the speechBITE database. Head to our virtual stand on the Sponsors and Exhibitors Gallery page of the conference website to find out more!  #SPAConf

The papers included in this newsletter cover interventions for paediatric language and literacy, adult language, AAC, voice, fluency, dysphagia, speech sound disorder, and dysarthria. Six of the papers are open access!

Latest publications

Paediatric language and literacy

Dam Q, Pham GT, et al (2020) Capitalizing on cross-language similarities in intervention with bilingual children

Sourvinos S, Mavropoulos A, et al (2021) Brief report: Speech and language therapy in children with ASD in an aquatic environment: The ASLT (Aquatic Speech and Language Therapy) program

Sweeney T, Hegarty F, et al (2020) Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Parent Led Therapist Supervised Articulation Therapy (PLAT) with Routine Intervention for Children with Speech Disorders Associated with Cleft Palate

Wanzek J, Al Otaiba S, et al (2021) Comparing the effects of reading intervention versus reading and mindset intervention for upper elementary students with reading difficulties

Adult language

Grechuta K, Rubio Ballester B, et al (2020) Multisensory cueing facilitates naming in aphasia OPEN ACCESS

Monetta L, Lavoie M, et al (2021) Intensive and non-intensive treatment of lexical anomia are equally efficient in post-stroke aphasia

Nikravesh M, Aghajanzadeh M, et al (2021) Working memory training in post-stroke aphasia: Near and far transfer effects


Navarro II, Cretcher SR, et al (2020) Using AAC to unlock communicative potential in late-talking toddlers

Santos PA, Bordini D, et al (2021) The Impact of the Implementation of the Picture Exchange Communication System - PECS on Understanding Instructions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders OPEN ACCESS


Chan MY, Chu SY, et al (2021) Voice therapy for Parkinson's disease via smartphone videoconference in Malaysia: A preliminary study

Hyodo M, Nagao A, et al (2021) Botulinum toxin injection into the intrinsic laryngeal muscles to treat spasmodic dysphonia: A multicenter, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded, parallel-group comparison/open-label clinical trial OPEN ACCESS


Sønsterud H, Halvorsen MS, et al (2020) What works for whom? Multidimensional individualized stuttering therapy (MIST) OPEN ACCESS


Traugott M, Hoepler W, et al (2021) Successful treatment of intubation-induced severe neurogenic post-extubation dysphagia using pharyngeal electrical stimulation in a COVID-19 survivor: a case report OPEN ACCESS

Speech sound disorder

Rehfeld DM, Sulak TN (2021) Service Delivery Schedule Effects on Speech Sound Production Outcomes


Chiaramonte R, Vecchio M (2021) Dysarthria and stroke. The effectiveness of speech rehabilitation. A systematic review and meta-analysis of the studies OPEN ACCESS

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