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Number 414 8 July 2021



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This month, the headlines have focussed on reactivating cultural participation and engagement, with new research, guidelines and measures to support the safe reopening and sustainable recovery of the cultural and creative sectors at regional and national levels.

At a regional level, the European Commission has published guidelines to ensure activities in the cultural and creative sectors can resume safely in European Union (EU) countries, which will inform the design and implementation of measures and protocols for reopening and sustainable recovery.

At the national level, in Australia the Australia Council for the Arts has published a report on mapping digital cultural engagement that provides insights and guidance for the cultural and creative industries, developed in partnership with the National Arts Council of Singapore. In Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts has welcomed a federal government investment of CAD$500 million to relaunch the arts, culture, heritage, and sports sectors and to resume their public activities that includes CAD $75 million that the Council will invest between 2021-2023. In Chile, the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage has launched a Music Industry Development Support Line to revive the music sector. And in Namibia, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism have launched a National Strategy on sustainable heritage tourism development and employment creation opportunities at the community level.

In New Zealand, Creative New Zealand has released New Zealanders and the Arts — Ko Aotearoa me ōna Toi, its triennial research into attitudes towards and engagement with the arts, which demonstrates the impact of the arts in the country and shows how they have contributed to wellbeing and resilience during the pandemic. In Norway, Arts Council Norway and the Norwegian Film Institute have released their interim report on the Reconstruction of the Cultural Sector, which examines audience attitudes to resuming cultural activities and assesses how to strengthen the cultural sector in the long term. In Scotland, Creative Scotland has published findings from the third wave of research on general population attitudes to cultural participation and attendance, which show that the desire to attend cultural events and venues remains strong. And in Viet Nam, the Government has issued Resolution No. 68 to support policies for employees and employers facing difficulties due to the pandemic.

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Welcome to Kate Nixon, our new Operations Manager

We are incredibly pleased to welcome to the team Kate Nixon, who joined the Secretariat as Operations Manager. Originally from New Zealand, Kate moved to Australia in 2004. Kate was previously Program Director at Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre (2016-2021), where she worked across the organisation and delivered the annual DESIGN Canberra festival; and before that worked in Human Resources. In addition to her management experience, Kate is a practicing glass artist and active member of the national and international glass community.

National Agency News


A safe and gradual resumption of higher-risk arts instruction activities with mandatory fast & easy testing

National Arts Council of Singapore, 7 July 2021, Singapore

As part of the national enhanced measures for workers in higher-risk mask-off settings and to further reduce the risk of transmission in these settings, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce has introduced the Fast and Easy Testing (FET) regime.

Official launch of Kultur | lx

Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg, 5 July 2021, Luxembourg

Almost a year after its creation, Kultur | lx lifts the veil. On the occasion of a press conference, this Monday, July 5 at the Ministry of Culture, the Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, the president Catherine Decker and the coordinators of Kultur | lx, Diane Tobes and Valérie Quilez, came together to officially launch the new structure in favor of the support and dissemination of Luxembourg culture and creation.

The Ministry of Culture of the Nation together with the Bank of the Argentine Nation launched the First Consultative Council of Cultural Industries

Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Argentina, 5 July 2021, Argentina

With the aim of stimulating cultural activity and deepening development in society, the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and the Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA) launched today the First Consultative Council of the country's cultural industries, which will generate a platform for the economic growth of SMEs, generate new instruments to access financing and promote job creation in this sector.

Arts Council briefs Stormont Committee on impact of 14 months of pandemic on the arts

Arts Council of Northern Ireland, 2 July 2021, Northern Ireland

Roisín McDonough, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, was joined by other senior members of the Arts Council’s Executive to discuss the positive contribution the creative sector makes to the economy and society. Also under discussion was the pandemic’s impact, after over 14 months of lockdown,  on income and revenue generation, employment, and the need for continued investment in the arts sector, as well as additional emergency funding needed for organisations and individual artists.

Solomon Islands National Museum becomes part of Pacific Virtual Museum Project

Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Solomon Islands, 1 July 2021, Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands National Museum joins the Pacific Virtual Museum project with other Pacific Islands Museums. It is a two years’ pilot project, funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia.

Signature of a framework partnership agreement between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the University of Kara

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Togo, 18 June 2021, Togo

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism concluded on Thursday, June 17, 2021 with the University of Kara, a partnership agreement lasting five years. The agreement, initialled by Minister Kossi Lamadokou and Komla Sanda, President of the UK, sets up mechanisms to facilitate the practical training and professional integration of students, specifically those in the applied foreign language stream.


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International News


AI Ethics: Another step closer to the adoption of UNESCO's Recommendation

UNESCO, 2 July 2021, International

After months of constructive dialogue and negotiation, representatives from UNESCO’s member states have agreed on the draft text of an ambitious and wide-ranging new template for the ethical development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence.

Covid-19: Ministers back live music resuming on 5 July

BBC News, 2 July 2021, United Kingdom

Live music can resume from 5 July, as ministers press ahead with some further relaxations of Covid-19 rules.

Ministry of Culture and Youth launches "Monitoring the Pulse of the Cultural and Creative Industries - Resilience and Recovery" report

Emirates News Agency, 30 June 2021, United Arab Emirates

The Ministry of Culture and Youth has launched a report titled "Monitoring the Pulse of the Cultural and Creative Industries - Resilience and Recovery", which showed that the sector had already begun to recover at a different pace in its principal areas.

Creative Arts industry to get GH¢ 5 million support

Modern Ghana, 26 June 2021, Ghana

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is to support the creative arts industry with five million Ghana cedis as seed money to help it to grow.

China to boost public cultural services: ministry

Xinhuanet, 23 June 2021, China

China will improve its public cultural service system during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), according to a plan recently released by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Understanding our creative industries

Jamaica Observer, 20 June 2021, Jamaica

The local cultural and creative industries (CCIs) have received a shot in the arm with the recent release of a comprehensive study mapping the sector, commissioned by the British Council and the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC).

Reducing film productions’ environmental impact is key for the future of Europe’s audiovisual sector, say experts

cineuropa, 18 June 2021, International

On 9 June, the European Audiovisual Observatory (EAV) and the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have hosted a conference entitled “Boosting sustainable film through international collaboration.” The aim of the event was to promote international collaboration and identify the main actions to achieve sustainability in Europe’s audiovisual sector.

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Tech as Art: Supporting Artists Who Use Technology as a Creative Medium

National Endowment for the Arts, 29 June 2021, USA

This report is the result of a two-year research initiative exploring the multifaceted creative practices of artists who engage with digital technologies. The research examines the creative infrastructure supporting tech-focused artistic practices and provides insight into the existing challenges and opportunities faced by artists and organizations working at the intersection of arts and technology. Tech as Art is part of an Arts & Technology Field Scan conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the Ford Foundation and the Knight Foundation.

Tools for trustworthy AI

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 28 June 2021, International

A framework to compare implementation tools for trustworthy AI systems. As artificial intelligence (AI) advances across economies and societies, stakeholder communities are actively exploring how best to encourage the design, development, deployment and use of AI that is human-centred and trustworthy. This report presents a framework for comparing tools and practices to implement trustworthy AI systems as set out in the OECD AI Principles.

Disruption and Resilience: UNESCO reports reveal new data on impact of COVID-19 on culture

UNESCO, 17 June 2021, International

UNESCO is launching a series of reports that reveal the scope of the impact of COVID-19 on the culture sector. The pandemic is disrupting lives, communities and businesses around the world, and has deeply impacted the entire cultural ecosystem. At the same time, the crisis has further revealed the important role of culture as a major resource for resilience, connection and recovery.



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Questionnaire: i-Portunus Houses survey on current and future forms and practices of mobility for artists and cultural professionals

i-Portunus,15 June 2021, International

The i-Portunus Houses project is implemented by the European Cultural Foundation, MitOst and Kultura Nova Foundation. It is dedicated to testing and analysing diverse transnational mobility schemes for for local hosts, artists and cultural professionals within the 40 Creative Europe countries + UK. One of the key components of this project is research on mobility in the cultural sector. Questionnaire deadline: 15 July 2021.



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Este mes, los titulares se centran en la reactivación de la participación y vinculación cultural. Aparecen nuevos estudios, directrices y medidas para apoyar la reapertura segura y la recuperación sostenible de los sectores culturales y creativos a nivel regional y nacional.

A nivel regional, la Comisión Europea ha publicado directrices con el fin de garantizar la reactivación segura de las actividades de los sectores culturales y creativos en los países de la Unión Europea (UE), que servirán de base para el diseño y la aplicación de medidas y protocolos de reapertura y recuperación sostenible.

A nivel nacional, en Australia, el Consejo de las Artes de Australia ha publicado un informe sobre la cartografía de participación cultural digital, el que ofrece ideas y orientaciones para las industrias culturales y creativas, elaborado en colaboración con el Consejo Nacional de las Artes de Singapur. En Canadá, el Consejo de las Artes de Canadá ha acogido con satisfacción la inversión del gobierno federal de 500 millones de dólares canadienses para relanzar los sectores de las artes, la cultura, el patrimonio y el deporte junto con reanudar sus actividades públicas, que incluye 75 millones de dólares canadienses que el Consejo invertirá entre 2021 y 2023. En Chile, el Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio ha lanzado una Línea de Apoyo al Desarrollo de la Industria Musical que entregará 200 millones de pesos chilenos para la reactivación del sector musical. Y en Namibia, el Ministerio de Educación, Artes y Cultura junto al Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, Bosques y Turismo han lanzado una Estrategia Nacional sobre el desarrollo del turismo patrimonial sostenible así como oportunidades de creación de empleo a nivel comunitario.

En Nueva Zelanda, Creative New Zealand ha publicado Neozelandeses y las Artes - Ko Aotearoa me ōna Toi, su investigación trienal sobre las actitudes y tendencias hacia las artes y el vínculo con ellas, que demuestra el impacto de las artes en el país y revela cómo han contribuido al bienestar y la resiliencia durante la pandemia. En Noruega, el Consejo de las Artes de Noruega y el Instituto Noruego del Cine han publicado su informe provisional sobre la Reconstrucción del Sector Cultural, que examina el comportamiento del público y las audiencias ante la reanudación de las actividades culturales y evalúa cómo fortalecer el sector cultural a largo plazo. En Escocia, Creative Scotland ha publicado los resultados de la tercera fase de investigación sobre las actitudes de la población en general respecto a la participación cultural, que muestran que el deseo de asistir a eventos y lugares culturales sigue siendo fuerte. Por último,  en Vietnam, el Gobierno ha emitido la Resolución nº 68 de apoyo a las políticas para empleados(as) y empleadores(as) que se enfrentan a dificultades debido a la pandemia.

Como siempre, si tiene noticias, publicaciones o actualizaciones que le gustaría que compartiéramos, póngase en contacto con nosotros en news@ifacca.org.


Noticias de IFACCA


Bienvenida a Kate Nixon, nuestra nueva gerente de operaciones

Nos alegra inmensamente dar la bienvenida a Kate Nixon, que se ha unido a nuestro equipo en calidad de gerente de operaciones. Procedente de Nueva Zelanda, Kate se mudó a Australia en 2004. Antes de incorporarse a IFACCA, Kate fue directora de programación en Craft ACT: Centro de Diseño y Artes Aplicadas (2016-2021), en el que organizó el festival anual DESIGN Canberra. Kate procede de la gestion de recursos humanos y además de su experiencia de gestión, es una artista del vidrio y miembro activo de la comunidad internacional del arte en vidrio.



Ministerio de las Culturas participa en Conferencia Nacional de Economía Creativa para el Desarrollo Sostenible organizada por UNESCO

Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, Chile, 7 July 2021, Chile

Este 2021 ha sido declarado el Año Internacional de la Economía Creativa para el Desarrollo Sostenible, por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas. Esto, con el objetivo de “reconocer, promover y acelerar las contribuciones económicas y sociales de la economía creativa a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible como parte de la Década de Acción”

El Ministerio de Cultura junto al Banco Nación lanzaron el Primer Consejo Consultivo de las Industrias culturales

Ministry of Culture of the Nation, Argentina, 5 July 2021, Argentina

Con el objetivo de estimular la actividad cultural y profundizar el desarrollo en la sociedad, el Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación y el Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA) pusieron en marcha hoy el Primer Consejo Consultivo de las industrias culturales del país, que permitirá generar una plataforma de crecimiento económico de las PyMEs, generar nuevos instrumentos para acceder al financiamiento y promover la creación de empleo en ese sector.

El Imcine presenta el Anuario Estadístico de Cine Mexicano 2020

Secretary of Culture, 2 July 2021, Mexico

La Secretaría de Cultura del Gobierno de México, a través del Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (Imcine), presenta el Anuario estadístico de Cine Mexicano 2020, herramienta indispensable para el análisis del quehacer cinematográfico nacional, que desde 2010 recaba, procesa y da a conocer los aspectos más relevantes en cuanto a producción, distribución, exhibición y difusión del cine y el audiovisual mexicanos.

Ética de la Inteligencia Artificial: un paso más hacia la adopción de la Recomendación de la UNESCO

UNESCO, 2 July 2021, International

Tras meses de diálogo y negociación constructivos, los representantes de los Estados Miembros de la UNESCO llegaron a un acuerdo sobre el proyecto de texto normativo de un nuevo modelo ambicioso y de gran alcance para el desarrollo y el despliegue éticos de la Inteligencia Artificial.

Presidente de la República destaca acciones en el Sector Cultural por parte de la SNC en tercer informe de gestión

National Secretary of Culture, Presidency of the Republic, Paraguay, 1 July 2021, Paraguay

El presidente de la República, Mario Abdo Benítez, presentó este jueves su informe de Gestión ante el Congreso Nacional, en cumplimiento de lo establecido en la Constitución Nacional. En el marco de una presentación virtual desde el  Palacio de Gobierno, el mandatario hizo el balance de la situación general del país, las gestiones realizadas, sobre su administración y sobre los planes de gobierno para el futuro, de conformidad al artículo 202 numeral 15, en concordancia con el artículo 238 número 8 de la Constitución Nacional.

El Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte abre el plazo de consulta pública para la reforma de la Ley del Cine

Ministry of Culture and Sport, Spain, 30 June 2021, Spain

El Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte ha abierto, con un plazo que finaliza a las 24 horas del 25 de julio, la consulta pública de la reforma de la Ley del Cine. El objetivo es tener finalizado el proceso de reforma en el último trimestre de 2023 para poner al día el ámbito de actuación de la Ley.

La OEI promoverá las rutas culturales iberoamericanas gracias al respaldo del Consejo de Europa

OEI - Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos, 22 June 2021, International

Este respaldo del Consejo de Europa, concedido a la OEI bajo la categoría de Participative Status, supone la búsqueda conjunta de apoyos institucionales y económicos para reforzar los itinerarios culturales en las regiones europea e iberoamericana. De esta forma, ambas entidades trabajarán conjuntamente para extender los itinerarios culturales del Consejo de Europa a países iberoamericanos, así como impulsar nuevas rutas e integrar a universidades de la región en la Red Universitaria de Investigación de Rutas Culturales.

Los protocolos para el teatro, el cine y otros espacios culturales

Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires, 18 June 2021, Argentina

La Ciudad sigue acompañando la reactivación del sector cultural en función de la situación sanitaria. Y es, a raíz de la consolidación de la tendencia a la baja en los contagios de coronavirus que, a través de distintos protocolos trabajados desde el Ministerio de Cultura porteño, desde el viernes 18 los espacios culturales pueden volver a abrir sus puertas al público de forma segura tanto para los trabajadores como para los espectadores.


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