Welcome to my first email newsletter

I’m happy to finally decide a newsletter is the best way to keep in touch with people interested in my writing and publishing life. 

Social media doesn’t feel right for this purpose and many friends aren’t on Facebook or Twitter, where I’m not very active anyway.

Please forward this mail as you see fit.

solstices and equinoxes and blue moons

That’s about how often I plan to send out a newsletter. 

Much as you love hearing from me, you don’t want too much email. Just the right amount.

it’s because of desire and pleasure 

I want all (why not all?) their potential readers to know about my books. These are books created with love and cunning, texts that desire you, texts that add to the sum of human pleasure. You the reader are likely to find moments that speak to you directly and personally. Also, they are good looking books. Local Time Publishing Project editions have covers designed by Dutch designer Paul Koeleman. See all the covers here  (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/inezb)

it’s like a message in a bottle 

You put your message in a bottle, seal it, and fling it onto the vast, indifferent ocean, to be carried by uncharted tides and currents and wakes, there’ll be typhoons and there’ll be doldrums, and one day the bottle is found and opened by the Ideal Reader, Reader Zero of the new universe of connected readers … 

My two most recent books:.



Local Time: a memoir of cities, friendships and the writing life

In 2006 I went on a 3 month trip to “take one last look at Europe”. That led to years of unanchored traveling, starting with residencies in Amsterdam and Rome, the cities where I had started writing my first book, half my life ago …

Readers have said:

For a like-minded recognition of the free-spirited values Baranay’s life and work embody, I recommend Local Time as a great travel book and equally fine memoir.  (Ingrid Hoffman) 


A great book … sums up concisely, beautiful and passionately what it is to have on of THOSe nights with special friends … (Matthew Curlewis)

Ghosts Like Us

A novel set in Berlin, in part my love letter to that city. A story of three women living in three different eras, linked by one poem.

Readers have said:

[T]here’s poetry in her prose and a rhythm that makes you want to read whole passages out loud just for the pleasure … she slips between the veils of time, from the realms of ghosts to the grunge of a Berlin sidewalk. Her writing is playful and at the same time assured. (Helen E Burns)


I really loved this book …engaging …a literary thriller in a way … Your style is interesting, lively …Berlin celebrating the Mauerfall, nostalgia for several pasts, music venues and rehearsals, parties, markets, I found all this and more clearly and beautifully evoked. (Susan Hope)


Since the last September equinox …

… A  couple of outstandingly enjoyable literary activities were:

October 2015: Giving a plenary talk  at an Australian Studies conference in Hungary, about (what else?) Australia and identity. In this case I discuss the question from the point of view of  “an English language writer of Australian citizenship, immigrant background, transnational culture, cosmopolitan temperament.” . That talk is published here  http://www.easa-australianstudies.net/node/399 

January 2016: A talk at a conference in Barcelona on “Borders and Belonging”. How divine to be back in Barcelona, where I had spent a month in 2006, attached to the Australian Studies Centre at the University of Barcelona.

I’m looking forward to the Sozopol Fiction Seminar in Bulgaria in June, happy to have been chosen as one of five international English-language “fellows”.

Meanwhile, I persist in working on a new novel, while continuing my teaching job in Turkey, in the pretty town of Çanakkale. 

I’m considering a new blog for very short pieces of writing and work in progress. 

The way we buy books

Who buys a book the very first time they hear about it? (Some of us some of the time.) Usually, we have to hear about it a few times. Who hasn’t said, “thanks for reminding me”? Really, could you ever be sorry to buy one of my books, what were you waiting for? But, timing. So, reminders. 

Please consider being a reviewer

Reader reviews on sites like Amazon and Goodreads, and you might know others (tell me), and reviews and comments on book and publishing blogs, are arguably more important for reaching readers than a review in a heritage journal/newsletter. (Those that remain.)  Already a couple of friendly readers have posted reviews of my new books at Amazon and Goodreads.

Scroll down for customer reviews:



You might be someone who has already written me a kind response to a book, or told someone what you think. Please consider posting a version on one of those sites. 

Deals for days

I offer any book of mine published by Local Time Publishing to anyone who asks me directly (email is best) for $US10 plus shipping, and if you need to pay less just let me know.  All my books will be available as ebooks if they aren’t already. 

My  Local Time Publishing titles can be seen here, and bought at Lulu, or Amazon, or your usual online bookseller.

Latest updates

Latest updates on my publishing, speaking and writing activities will be posted at the occasionally updated Newsblog at my website.[http://www.inezbaranay.com/?page_id=236

This is the Local Time Publishing page at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lotipu

Me today 

In case I haven’t seen you for a while — here are 2 recent selfies  — and yes do send me yours, if you please, I would love that.


Feedback to this newsletter welcome any time. 

Hoping this finds you well and happy