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15 August 2016

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Week 4
Aug15  to Aug 19
International Languages Week
Aug 15
Yr 11 PE Camp #2
Aug 18
Junior Parent/Teacher interviews 2 - 7pm
Aug 19
Quiz Night for Costa Rica Word Challenge

Week 5
Aug 22 to Aug 26

Library Week
Aug 24
Yr 11 Sports Academy Camp


Week 6
Aug 29 to Sept 2
Winter Tournament Week





With the Olympics now in full swing and the medal count rising (are we now 14th nation in the world on the medal tally?) I thought it appropriate to celebrate a few wins of our own!

First, of course is the 2nd placing overall in the National Kapa Haka Competition by Nga Puna o Waiorea.  This achievement is our highest ever in a very challenging event, and our group were just 7 points off a perfect score.  Congratulations are due to the combined team from Rotorua Girls’ and Boys’ High Schools who won the event this year.

I was fortunate enough to be present at our heat, where the top three performances progress through to the finals.  Our sports co-ordinator, Peter McIntyre commented that he almost cried such was the beauty of the singing in the introductory part of a 29 minute performance.  My comment was that the group didn’t just fill the huge stadium with sound, but they lifted the roof off!  The audience reaction was as spectacular as our performance and the Facebook chat around Nga Puna o Waiorea’s performance indicated that they would be strong contenders to take out the final.  As General Wihongi pointed out, the 7 points in deficit show exactly where we need to improve for next year – so the planning has already begun!

Of course, as you will be aware, the press did not see fit to highlight this aspect of our performance but focussed on some after-match indiscretions by a couple of students.  All I can add is that it must have been a slow day in the newsroom last Monday!

Another notable achievement is that of our Girls’ Football First XI who have been promoted into the premier 1A division of the secondary schools competition. This is testimony to the hard work of the girls and some inspired coaching and management from Andrea and John.  Our congratulations and best wishes go out to all involved.

Finlay McDonald on National Radio last week gave “a shout-out to Western Springs College” and particularly our Drama Department.  Finlay had been to see his daughter perform in Macbeth – The Comedy, written by our team here at Springs and in his words “it worked brilliantly.”  “It just shows the talent working away back in our schools.”  School drama productions continue this week with the Year 13 production of the ‘Wedding Party’ which you will see featured in another part of this Newsletter.

Ivan Davis


Kia ora everyone,
The Board’s recruitment sub-committee has been working hard on the appointment process and we have engaged experienced educational consultants EdSolnz to provide support and guidance. Advertisements have been placed in the relevant publications and, as we expected, there has been a lot of interest in the role. Interviews will take place later in term three with the expectation that an appointment will be made on schedule at the start of term four. 

Regards John Loof
WSC Board Chair


The Junior student/parent/teacher interviews (from 2-4pm and 5-7pm on Thursday 18 August) are now open for bookings, and the code is k664s, access the booking website here.

Please note that school will finish early, at 12.40pm for all students on this day.



Wrap It Up, Western Springs College’s Young Enterprise Team are proud to announce that our product launch will be taking place on Friday August the 19th! Our beeswraps will be for sale from the front office. Sizes range from small to extra large with special pricing for the Western Springs College community. These wraps can be used to cover food from sandwiches and snacks to fruit or cheese, and can cover dishes or leftovers in the fridge! The beeswax and jojoba oil contain antibacterial properties and the wraps can be put in a compost to decompose once they need replacing. They will last for at least three months and are a great gift idea. Stocks are limited so get in quick!

Western Springs student off to San Francisco!

Western Springs College student Zachary Monk is heading to San Francisco next month after winning an entrepreneurship competition over the weekend. Zac and five other teenagers won the prize after competing in the Young Enterprise Trust’s annual event, ‘Enterprise in Action’. The weekend competition saw 80 students work in teams to complete two challenges. To win a place on the trip, the six students competed in the two team challenges and then faced up to an individual challenge. The successful students had to call on their business knowledge to come up with creative solutions to the two team challenges, and think quickly to come up with strategic answers to the individual challenge.

Zac admitted the weekend was intense. “I didn’t really have an idea of what it would be like. We only had 10 minutes to prepare for the individual challenge and that was pretty stressful. But I’m so excited to have won.” They will spend five days in San Francisco and hope to visit some of Silicon Valley’s cutting edge businesses including Google, Facebook, Tesla and AirBnB. They will also visit one of FedEx’s largest hubs in Oakland to get a handle on the transportation industry.

“These six students stood out throughout the weekend,” says Young Enterprise CEO Terry Shubkin. “They were nominated for the trip by their peers and really impressed our judging panel.”
Dee Ngakuru, NZ Country Manager for FedEx Express was part of the judging panel for the final challenge. “These students really impressed us with their ability to think strategically under such daunting time pressures.”

Zac has been instrumental is establishing the Young Enterprise Scheme here at Western Springs College, where secondary students set up and run a small business for a year. It has been his initiative and drive that has launched both the scheme and his team's business ‘Wrap it up’,  a sustainable lunch wrap product made of beeswax to keep food covered and fresh. That’s something we can all get behind.


Na'or Alfassi Berman and Araian Brunet were lucky enough to travel to Wellington during the holidays to the 'Create1World National Creative Activism & Global Citizenship Conference. There, they won first place for their poem, about creating one world through art.

We are a part of a new generation!
This is the truth.

We are generation who takes care in illustrating “happiness is truly obtained by ones self acceptance” is a false statement. “Money will make you happy”.

A human race who recognizes
those of power without doubt.

One who will question
that all human beings should be accepted for who they are and want to be.

For what's to come and what’s been we are a generation who believes a world with distinct solidarity comes with the destruction of the environment.

No longer a world of peace towards how we harvest our crops, source our energy and travel between communities.

Consumption before compassion.

We have our priorities straight fame, phones & fossil fuels
over family, friends and feelings.
We hold these things sacred.

Disharmony will continue because of how we act
We are ignorant to think that for generations to come we will have safe drinking water, an abundance of food and shelter and unity between all nations.

Knowing we will be able to look in one another's eyes acknowledging this: our most triumphant dreams can become our greatest failures.

Can we make a difference together?

Our greatest failures can become our most triumphant dreams.

Acknowledging this we will be able to look in one another's eyes
knowing for generations to come we will have safe drinking water,
an abundance of food and shelter and unity between all nations..

We are ignorant to think that because of how we act disharmony will continue.

We hold these things sacred family, friends and feelings
over fame, phones & fossil fuels. We have our priorities straight.

Compassion before consumption
towards how we harvest our crops, source our energy
and travel between communities.

A world of peace no longer comes with the destruction of the environment. A world with distinct solidarity.

We are a generation who believes for what's to come and what’s been that all humans should be accepted for who they are and want to be.

One who will question those of power without doubt.

A human race who recognizes
“money will make you happy” is a false statement. “Happiness is truly obtained by ones self acceptance”. We are generation who takes care in illustrating
this is the truth.

We are a part of a new generation!



Most Year 9 and 10 Health classes will begin their sexuality education this term. Year 9 classes will begin the sexuality unit of work in either week 6 or 7 (depending on when they finish their current topic). The first sexuality topic is ‘puberty’ which, for most students, will be revision of the work done in their intermediate schools. Later topics in the unit are relationships, contraception, STI‟s and reproduction. Most Year 10 classes will also begin their sexuality unit in weeks 5 or 6.  Topics in the Year 10 Sexuality unit include decision making, relationships, rights and responsibilities, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, safer sex.

Last year the Ministry of Education released the new Sexuality Guidelines for Board of Trustees and Principles, along with the Guidelines is a pamphlet for parents/whanau.  If you would like to read the pamphlet the following link will connect you

( ) and they will also be available from the Health teachers during parent teachers evening in week 4.

If you have any questions regarding the sexuality unit, you can speak to your son/daughters health teacher during parent teachers evening next week or you can phone or e-mail their Health teacher or the HOD Health, Karalee Green.

Science News

Science Club - all welcome!

On the 1st of June, Science Club gathered together for a huge surprise thank you to Mr Aulsford for organizing the club for us and allowing us a place and time to talk and celebrate our love of Science.

Organized by Rachel Jackson and Eden Bradley of Yr 12, we held the party in Waiora in true Science nerd fashion, with Science themed food and costumes. Each member of Science Club dressed up as a famous scientist, including but not limited to, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Albert Einstein, Avogadro and many more. Myself, Heidi and Madison, prepared the food the weekend before. We filled (sterile!) petri dishes with jelly and lollies to make fake bacteria cultures.

We also spent a good day working on creating a periodic table of cupcakes!

Written by: Rachel Jackson, Year 13

Science Club is a group open to all Western Springs College students with an interest in any area of Science. We discuss and investigate new discoveries and interesting aspects of the world of Science every Wednesday at lunch time. Come along and explore the new things humanity has learned about the world around us. If you are interested please come along to B3 on Wednesdays at lunch time and check it out.

Science Roadshow

On the last day of term, six Year 9 students, including myself, were asked to be “explainers” for the Science Roadshow at MOTAT.

The Science Roadshow is an organisation that drives around in a big truck with lots of science exhibits in the back. They stop at schools, public centers and other public areas. The roadshow’s main aim is to educate kids from 8 to 13 years old in the wonders of Science.

Being an explainer for the Science Roadshow consisted of explaining to members of the public or booked school groups about certain exhibits. You also have to try to keep the kids/caregivers, teachers and the exhibits safe.

There are a lot of exciting exhibits ranging from wind tunnels blowing wind at you at 120 kilometers an hour to 3D printers. The guys from the Science Roadshow also put on actual shows and educate the kids about lots of different areas in Science. They use lots of different machines and contraptions to give the experience of a live scientific experiment.

I found this experience fun and informative because it was great to work with members of the public to investigate an exhibit. We got some free time on the exhibits in the break between the groups and the public. That was great fun. The next time the Science Roadshow is around I recommend popping in and having a look around. It’s worth it.

Angus Kirkman 9MN

Results from ICAS Science
Congratulations to the students who put themselves forward to sit the external International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science Competition. Hazel Burgess, Jessica Han & Georgios Patitsas were awarded a Credit Certificate, and Sophia Reay was awarded a Distinction Certificate. Well done!

Hands-On at Otago
This is an opportunity for current Year 11 or 12 students who are interested in Science, from the 15th - 20th January 2017, to attend Hands-On at Otago.The goal of Hands-On at Otago is to demonstrate, in a friendly and interactive environment, some of the activities that researchers  are involved in and to encourage talented young New Zealanders to consider further Science study as a step in their career pathway. It costs $675 for accommodation, meals, tuition and social programme, transport to and from Dunedin Airport. There are scholarships available.
Please see the Science department for more information, or help with your application.


News from our Sustainability Groups

Our stream
We are still working hard to restore the area around the stream that runs between us & Pasadena. During a break in the stormy weather last week we planted along the floodplain and stream bank. We are doing this to minimise erosion, as well as provide shade to the stream so that the weeds growing in the stream will not get the sunlight they need to grow.

The Kotahitanga Project

One of the most amazing things about our school is our diversity and unity. We are excited to share with you the Kotahitanga Project, aimed at being a whole-school collaboration to unify us and celebrate our diversity.

Kotahitanga means unity. The vision of the Kotahitanga Project is involving every group in the school in the making and painting of upcycled outdoor chairs and tables, with the theme of how we can create one world by uniting our school as one.

Every club, sports, extracurricular and cultural group in the school will be invited to send representatives to make chairs and a tables at after school workshops, and to come up with designs for their painting that represent unity. Construction will occur from Week 5 - Week 9 this term. To hear more, contact, and



Last term ended with success as HealthWise brought its first ever ‘Appreciation Day’ to WSC students and staff, a day which promoted the appreciation of our peers and friends. Now, fresh in term 3, we are getting ready for a busy term as we hold our annual WSC MasterChef competition, work on our promotion surrounding motivation and procrastination and bring back some popular events. The theme for our 2016 MasterChef competition will be announced soon, so keep an eye out in the notices and an ear out in assembly for more information.


Last term ended with success as HealthWise brought its first ever ‘Appreciation Day’ to WSC students and staff, a day which promoted the appreciation of our peers and friends. Now, fresh in term 3, we are getting ready for a busy term as we hold our annual WSC MasterChef competition, work on our promotion surrounding motivation and procrastination and bring back some popular events. The theme for our 2016 MasterChef competition will be announced soon, so keep an eye out in the notices and an ear out in assembly for more information.


Bike Week & Great Rides

Week 9 of Term 2 was Bike Week at WSC, and it was awesome! With a smoothie bike, obstacle course and a BMX competition, the week was action-packed and fun for everyone.

The goal of bike week was to get more people biking to school, because biking is sustainable and it gives you amazingly sexy helmet hair! (It also gives you an excuse to wear spandex. Not that an excuse is needed for wearing spandex.) Travelwise wants to see 200 people wearing spandex (I mean biking to school) this year, and Bike Week was a great way to raise awareness and show how fun cycling can be.

We handed out ‘Great Ride Passports’ (maps of the coolest Auckland cycle routes) as well as spreading awareness of how people can make a difference to environmental issues like climate change just by riding their bike.

Top 10 Reasons to Ride Bikes:

-Faster, more efficient way to get around (no traffic!)
-Great exercise
-Cycling can be fun & social, or time alone for mental clarity
-Helmet hair is sexy
-That soaring feeling when you go down hills
-It’s getting safer and easier in Auckland by the day - new separated cycle lanes are coming all around Western Springs and the City within the next 5-10 years (
-Activism: be a climate change activist simply by riding your bike
-It’s always an adventure
-It creates a better world for all of us. :)

Head to this page for your passport to great rides and fun times on cycle routes in Auckland:

Sustainable Travel is Easy


Making public transportation more accessible to people is a big focus this term. Sometimes it seems like a hassle, but really we are incredibly lucky to have so many buses and trains every 15 minutes, and a beautiful city to see by bike - and hooray to not getting stuck in traffic!

Orientation Term 3

Travelwise had a great time promoting sustainable travel and a great turnout of student interest. Areas we want to make easier for people include taking buses and trains, cycling, skating and making sure any drivers can drive safely.

Highlights of O Day for us were the large student interest in learning to be safe drivers, and being able to share home baking, bike giveaways from Auckland Council and public transport information with our peers.

It’s awesome to be getting people involved with safer, healthier, and greener transport and to realise how easy it can be.

Journey Planner

Journey planner is a great way to find out how and how long it will take on public transport, by foot or bike to get around the city:

AT Hop Cards

Hop cards make public transport much cheaper - especially for students when you get a student concession. You can even use them to catch the ferry to Devonport for less than $3!

Proposed Year 9 Camp


We are working on a programme for a camp at the end of this year to Home Bay, Motutapu for our Year 9 students. Here is a link to a survey for whanau to contribute to this process

We’d love your ideas and thoughts about what you’d like your year 9 student to experience and learn during the proposed camp.


Over the July holidays a group of sixteen Year 12 & 13 Technology students travelled to Vietnam and Singapore to expand their experience and understanding of technological design at a global level. Throughout the trip, each area of study explored contemporary, traditional and cultural forms of design across the two countries.

Design and Visual Communication:

The first stop was the metropolis of Singapore, where we meandered through a labyrinth of highrise skyscrapers, underground rapid-rail, bayside gardens and indoor waterfalls. The scale and detailing of city’s architecture proved to be overwhelming in the flesh, especially when peering over the city from the Marina Bay Sands sky deck!

During a three day boat cruise through Halong Bay in Vietnam, the group visited the floating village of Cua Van on rowing boats. Year 12 Graphics students were able to experience first hand some of the considerations and constraints their own ‘Floating Architecture’ design project posed them, as well as think about how traditional construction techniques could be used to inform contemporary design ideas.

Sort Materials and Food Technology:

Following on from Halong Bay, we travelled to Hoi An, a mecca of food markets and local tailers in Central Vietnam. We were introduced to the town through the local food market, where surrounding restaurateurs come every day to buy fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and weasel coffee. From the market we were escorted to the famous Red Bridge Cooking School via river boat, where the group took part in a half day cooking course of contemporary and traditional Vietnamese dishes. Spring rolls of all shapes and sizes were made, with some very precarious tomato flower sculptures adorning them!

Moving back to the markets, students consulted with the rigorous tailors of Hoi An to work out their own ideas and patterns for custom full piece suits, dresses and even embroidered bomber jackets. Fitting, pattern making and sewing took tailors the entire three days, with finished garments being completed the morning we left - a sleepless night of anticipation for some. In between this process, we visited the Hoi An Silk Village, where traditional methods of silk production were showcased from breeding the worms, through to spinning silk and weaving it on 600 year old looms. A number of us also tried eating the boiled silkworm grub which tasted somewhat like sweet potato! Other notable edibles included stir fried frog legs, elephant ear fish and giant river prawns  

Hard Materials and Digital Technologies:

Universal Studios Singapore proved to be an extravaganza of digital technologies at the highest level, with the recently opened Transformer section of the park leading the way. Students experienced first hand virtual reality, augmented reality and cutting edge digital animation, all while being thrown around in a motion-master seat. Within the studios, Hard Tech. students were exposed to set designs, structures and props which appeared to mimic anything from Jurassic Park World to the animated Madagascar - a rather surreal experience. 

Moving through the more regional areas of Vietnam, students were able to observe the restoration of a 800 year old Buddhist temple from the ground level up, where at the time, carvers where recreating traditional imagery and forms onto large structural elements of the temple. Afterwards, those who were keen made the pilgrimage of 900 steps to a buddhist shrine at the top of a mountain with temperatures around the 38 degree mark - sweaty to say the least!

Everyone seemed to love Hoi An. It was a great vibe and it was when people were more comfortable with being in Vietnam and with each other. When we first arrived in Vietnam, in Hanoi it was so cool but so busy and we were not used to the weather as it was about 37 degrees. Hoi An had really good markets for shopping and food. There were also tailors and most people got clothes made. Everyone in Vietnam were really friendly and we had really cool tour guides (especially Tuan from Hanoi). Singapore was really cool the architecture was amazing with the high rise building. The food was great we mainly had set menus, this made sure we ate a massive variety of vietnamese food and on our last night we had a 10 course meal.

At the beginning of the trip when we hadn't adjusted to the temperature and what we didn’t know is that it was going to become hotter. The plane ride from Vietnam back to Singapore was very bumpy and gave everyone a shock. There were no lowlights as the whole trip was amazing.

New Discovery/ Learnt:
The tour guides we had all did a great job of teaching us about Vietnam and its people, places and History.
We learnt about Silk and the process of making it. We got to see people using technology used to make silk in the 1700’s
We learnt a lot about Vietnamese food, we did two cooking classes where everyone got to cook their own food.
The Cu Chi tunnels were really incredible but sad. We learnt a lot about the war and how the Vietnamese won. We also went to the War Museum in Hoi an, it was really depressing and sad, we all learnt about the terrible impacts of the war and especially agent orange.

What would you say to students/ staff going on a trip like this.
Don’t be too worried about the street water/ice/food in vietnam, a lot of us were worried of food poisoning but no one got it badly only a few people god mildly sick.
You see a lot of the same stuff so you need to know you will always find a better price
Get good at bargaining straight away and don’t be shy with it!
You will have these memories for the rest of your life and they will be amazing ones.

Quiz Night

​In December of this year a group of WSC students and staff are heading to Costa Rica and Nicaragua for 4 weeks to participate in a World Challenge expedition.

We hope you can support their fundraising by coming along to the Quiz Night being held on Friday 19 August in the school hall from 7pm. Tickets are $25 per person, with a maximum of 10 people per team. Cash payments only can be accepted at the school office Details of this fun evening are in the flyer below.

For further information contact Russell Anderson at

News to be proud of!

Magnificent success with music! Congratulations to our rock-band Daffodils (Theo Salmon, Isaac Keating and Louis Graham) on making it through to the National Final of Smokefree RockQuest 2016. We recently reported on their success with the regional competitions and this recent achievement takes them to the next level with seven other groups from around the country. Daffodils will perform at the National Smokefree Rockquest Final on Saturday 24 September in Auckland at the Raye Freedman Centre, Epsom Girls Grammar School.

Congratulations to another musician, Mercy Williams. Mercy has also been recognised at a national level in the ‘Play It Strange’ Peace Song Competition as a winner for Auckland City with her song “She Will Always Be There”. Another tremendous achievement in music!

Term 3 is underway with outstanding class productions. The Drama Department opened their theatre season with 11Drama’s Macbeth; the comedy, written by Robert Pollock.  The humorous interpretation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth really left a lasting impression on the audience. It was a fast-paced, thrilling comedy that everyone enjoyed. Don’t miss 12Drama in Too Fast by Douglas Maxwell.  Three casts perform twice each on consecutive nights at 4:30pm and 7:00pm; Tuesday 9th August to Thursday 11th August.

Later this term we look forward to the annual Talent Quest and visit to Ponsonby Intermediate School to showcase junior work in the Arts.
Thanks to Cato Refiti  – 13Art Design – for the ArtsNews Heading in this issue.                                                                                         Kirsty Britton – Arts Coordinator

Drama News!

This month is a busy month for the Drama Department. The Year 11 production of Macbeth, the comedy has been on over the last two weeks. Macbeth puts a delightful twist on the well-known Macbeth, by William Shakespeare - where we don't have all the deaths at the end. The Year 11's did an amazing job and had the audience laughing in their seats. Well done!

Week three is bringing us the Year 12 production of Too Fast, where the play is only 45 minutes set at a funeral. In week four, the Year 13's are performing The Wedding Party. It is a fun, immersed play where the audience attend the wedding and get an insight into the typical drama that we all know so well.

If you would like to come to any of these shows you can head to TAPAC to book and buy a ticket from their box office.
Ariane Lenihan – Arts Leader

It’s been a manic start to term three Drama. In weeks one and two the year 11 classes kicked off with Macbeth, the comedy, written by Mr Pollock. The play followed the original storyline pretty closely, but with a lot of added gags provided by a couple of hapless murderers, three wayward witches, a drunken porter and an over-zealous, but under-qualified medic, to name but a few. Feedback from the audiences was highly positive and a tribute to the work the students put in. The play was a true group effort. Two classes performed over two weeks and the students excelled themselves.
Week three sees the year 12 students performing Too Fast, a comedy with a strong emotional heart, written by Douglas Maxwell. The three casts perform twice each on consecutive nights at 4:30pm and 7:00pm; Tuesday 9th August to Thursday 11th August.

Then in Week Four the year 13 Drama class performs The Wedding Party by Fiona Samuel

This is a wonderful ensemble piece which includes the audience as guests at the wedding of Heather and Rob. The show is pure kiwiana and takes us into provincial New Zealand in the 1980’s. We engage in the trials and tribulations of the big event as memories a relived and friends and family laugh, love, fight and make up.  Two casts perform over four nights from Tuesday16 August to Friday 19th August. Ken Havill first directed the play here in the school hall back in the early 90’s. The play has stood the test of time and its humour and poignancy is sure to delight so don’t miss out.
Finally in week five the year 13 dance students showcase their fabulous talents with pieces they have choreographed and light designed themselves. What a feast… be sure not to miss out.

Robert Pollock – HOD Drama

How do we extend our students?

In Dance we stimulate and challenge all our students by offering an enriching programme of deep learning.  This encompasses both real-world learning in the Dance industry, and transferable life skills for any workplace or learning context, such as self-discipline, organisation, collaboration and contribution to group.  Our learning programmes draw on the experience of professional dance and cross-arts teachers in the department, supplemented by guest tutors in selected genres - hip hop, breakdance, sasa to name a few.

In addition, WSC Dance has a strong extension programme to challenge gifted and talented students in Dance.   Our extension opportunities are personalised according to the needs of individual students to increase levels of challenge in appropriate ways and develop skills to supplement student expertise.   Extension opportunities at WSC include:

• Technique class with a professional dance company eg Okareka
• Workshops outside WSC at Unitec, NZDC, Okareka and others
• Opportunities to lead, teach and choreograph on other students
• Trips to watch live dance performance
• Scholarship Dance (in 2014-2015, 25% of each year 13 class has gained Scholarship Dance)

One way we extend our students is through performance opportunities beyond WSC.  At the end of Term 2 12 Dance went on their first “Wednesday Tour”, performing a selection of student choreography, plus Flamenco (chor: Chloe Davison) and class dance Closer (chor: Melanie Turner) at Pasadena Intermediate School.  They were accompanied by 10 Dance who performed Hip Hop (chor. Joash Fahitua) and Chair Waltz (chor. Katie Burton).  WSC students met with a very warm reception: “Really enjoyed your performance at Pasadena. The teachers were all very impressed.  Lovely to see our old students too!” Maureen Donnelly, Performing Arts, Pasadena Intermediate.

Year 12 again share their work on their second Wednesday Tour in the theatre at Selwyn Village in
Week 4.

Also part of our extension programme, selected students performed at YouDance last term.  YouDance is Auckland’s festival of youth dance that emphasises a positive, collegial and professional learning in a non-competitive environment. 

Congratulations to Dione Tay, Hannah Langton, Jet Lelisi and Waitama (Vincent) Tuisamoa in Year 13 who performed their collaborative choreography At Ease, and Zoe de Reuck, Carla Harre, Esther Cohen-Goh, Lorena Bello and Whetu-Marama Rikihana-Kaihoro who performed Molly Snowden’s A Fragile Shoulder.  Both groups performed with integrity of expression and connection to content.

Acting HOD Dance - Melanie Turner

Footprints Dance Show

13 Dance are very busy preparing for their show Footprints in Week 5.  Taking Shona McCullagh’s Rotunda as an artist model, the students have researched aspects of WW1 and created a concept for their dance encompassing not only choreography but costume, sound and light, which they are now working furiously to realise and present.  Students dance in each other’s choreographies and the standard is worth a whopping 8 credits.   Footprints promises to be an emotionally charged and invigorating show – don’t miss it! 

Footprints – WWI in Aotearoa, Choreographed by 13 Dance. 25/26 August 2016.

Photo credit: Nina Gastreich Photography



Music in the news!

What a busy few weeks it has been in the Music Department and there is more to come.

This week we heard that the band ‘Daffodils’ (Theo Salmon, Isaac Keating, Louis Graham and a keyboard player from Kristin School) have won a place in the 2016 Smokefree RockQuest National Finals! We were excited to hear they had been named in the top 30 and we are over the moon to know they are now in the top 8. Go to Smokefree Rockquest National Finalists 2016 in You Tube to hear a snippet. The final is Saturday 24 September in Auckland at the Raye Freedman Centre. Get your tickets – we need a big Springs contingent in the audience.

Last weekend WSC Jazz Band and ‘The Unreal Book’, a WSC Jazz combo, played in the heats of the Jazz club schools’ competition – results will be out this week so watch this space.

Also out this week will be the national finalists for this year’s Pacifica Beats. ‘Critical Damage’ filmed their submission recently and transformed the look and sound of the music room in the process – have a look here

More excitement came this week when Mercy Williams was announced as one of the National Winners of the ‘Play It Strange’ Peace Song Competition with her song “She Will Always be There”.

Mercy is a year 12 singer/songwriter who has experienced success in other Play It Strange events but this National Award is a real step up. Mercy has won professional recording time for her song and a six week exchange to Japan.

In week 4 our Jazz Band and Chamber Group will compete in the KBB band and orchestra festival. Family wanting to come along and support can get more information form me at

Term 3 is Talent Quest time – woohoo! Entries are now open in junior and senior categories. Any and all talent is invited – this is not purely a musical event. The big day itself is the last Friday of term, September 23rd. Entry forms are available at the front office and at the music department.

Breaking News!
Critical Damage has been selected for the National Finals of Smokfree Pacifica Beats - congratulations!  Friday September 23rd Raye Freedman Theatre.

HOD Music – Margaret Robertsons

Greetings from the Art Department

The term has started with hiss and a roar – ‘moving day’ for senior students with a number of internal deadlines providing potential possibilities to pursue on the external folio.

The challenge of pushing boundaries and trying new methods is key to developing ‘student voice’, and this year (through STAR funding) we have the opportunity to initiate two innovations.  Both will occur this term for specific Y13 students – two day entry to the prestigious international Art Design conference ‘Semi-Permanent’ at Aotea centre and a progressive moving image workshop run in-house with an industry tutor.  

In addition to this we have organised visits of senior Art lecturers from AUT and ELAM to brief students about their courses and assist with portfolio content etc.

It’s also great to hear about student work outside of the classroom and how Springs students were involved in workshops through the holidays.  On the back of Bobby Hung’s artist talk last term, five students took part in producing work for the Point Chevalier shopping centre.  The commitment and enthusiasm of the students was praised by Unitec tutor in acknowledging Jason Panapa, Toa Makapelu, Ariana Hill, Mia Varney and Thomas Van Der Sluis for their collective efforts on the project.

Likewise Art Design student Cato Refiti has had success in the Light and Dark Competition 2016. Cato Refiti's digital illustrative design was a finalist. He won a placement on the Animation College Light and Dark Character Development Workshop that focused on drawing theories, character and storyline design. The workshop also featured Samoan artist Michel Mulipola.

The value of the Collective Arts is an integral characteristic of Springs, with the department involved in two research projects – one is a Auckland University paper on how critical thinking is taught in regard to Creative Art and the second is a Ministry of Education TLIF project on Pasifika literacy in the Arts.  Thanks in advance to the students involved who have been briefed and will provide valuable insight and data for the research.

The fantastic work of the Juniors from Semester 1 has been assessed and documented, reflected in the reporting process and week four Parent Teacher interviews.  In particular the self-portrait Pop-Art creations by the Y10 students – a visual feast recorded in the mode of ‘Vanitas’ offering students the opportunity to gain Level 1 credits. 

Lastly an update on ex-Springs student - congratulations to multimedia installation artist Janet Lilo who recently launched her first book at her latest show at Te Tuhi art gallery. We are lucky to have been gifted a copy which will be available for students from the end of the term.
Ia Manuia                                                                                                                                     Lily Laita - HOD Art


image full width with caption

A new, simpler fares system starts for all bus and train services on 14 August (excludes SkyBus services)

Auckland Transport is introducing a new fare table and a new zone map with colour coded zones across Auckland. Using the table and map it is easy to work out your cash or AT HOP fare no matter which buses or trains you take.

With an AT HOP card, you will pay for one entire journey from A to B, instead of paying for each bus or train separately. Tag on and off each bus and train as you do now and simply count the number of zones you travel through to work out your fare*. During your journey, you can use up to five buses or trains within four hours, with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between each trip.

New AT HOP child weekend fare
When using an AT HOP card with a child concession applied, pay a maximum one zone fare per journey on weekends and public holiday journeys no matter how many zones you travel through. A journey can comprise of up to five buses or trains within four hours, with a maximum transfer time of 30 minutes between each trip (excludes SkyBus services). The child one zone fare will be 99 cents from 14 August 2016.

*If you are travelling within a zone overlap area as part of a journey and paying with an AT HOP card (this means tagging on and off within the same zone overlap area) this may count as travelling through a new zone. From 14 August 2016you can refer to our journey  planner for the correct  fare.

Further Information can be found here or at the Transport Information Centre, Britomart. 


We have had a busy two terms in Senior Philosophy so far! Back on the 24th of June a group of Year 12 philosopher travelled to Auckland Girls’ Grammar to take part in a senior ‘Ethics Roadshow’. The focus was on ethics and non-human animals. Students looked at the different relationships that humans have with non-human animals, and the ethical issues that surround these relationships. There was critical discussion regarding GMOs as well as dealing with pest species. This was a great day that involved lots of interaction and group work, along with plenty of heated discussion. Besides Springs, four other schools took part. 

Yr 12 students who attended the senior Ethics Roadshow

some wsc students mixing with other students at the Animals and Ethics Roadshow

Recently we have had two guest speakers come in and talk to the Year 12 students in relation to our topic on the Philosophy of Punishment. On the first day of Term 3 we had a guest speaker from Restorative Justice Aotearoa come in and talk to the students about what Restorative Justice is, the principles that underlie it and extent to which it fits with our Criminal Justice system in New Zealand. Then, just this week we had two passionate students from Auckland University’s branch of Just Speak come in and run an interactive workshop with the Year 12s. Just Speak is a youth organisation which seeks to create a safer and more just Aotearoa by minimising imprisonment, enabling better rehabilitation for offenders, and focusing on the social problems that lead to offending. The two Auckland Uni Students were amazed at the maturity and knowledge of the Year 12s, comparing them favourably to third-year university Criminology students!

Year 13 Philosophy has also had a busy two terms. With two internals out of the way, and a third almost complete, students are now focusing on their external assessment which is all about how different ideologies are shaping New Zealand society with regards to a topical social issue: end of life choice, or voluntary euthanasia. We have had a guest speaker from End of Life Choice - the Voluntary Euthanasia Society of NZ come in to speak about the current law, ethical issues surrounding euthanasia, and the legal issues involved in policy change.  This was balanced by  ...

Finally, each year a small group of Year 13 students take a University of Waikato 1st-year paper in Social and Moral Philosophy, in addition to completing NCEA Philosophy. This year we had six students opt to do this, and mirroring the superb achievement of previous years, their overall grades ranged from B to A+. Xavier Del La Varis in particular, performed outstandingly, gaining the only A+ and the highest mark of the 211 students who completed the course nationwide!

Philippa Johnson - HOD Philosophy


CYCLING – North Island Champs

Our road cyclists had a fun trip to Karapiro for the first weekend of the July school holidays. For the first time Western Springs College had four cyclists riding in the North Island Secondary Schools Cycling Championships held next to Lake Karapiro on 5-6th July – this was a really exciting and wonderful event.

Max Truell, Jack Naish, Jackson Green and Sam Buckley all competed in the individual road races for their respective age groups, riding distances ranging from 35kms for the Under 15s, 45km for Under 16s, and a gruelling 55kms for the Under 17s. Racing was competitive and challenging; all riders completed the courses and gave it their all. Coach Ben Eitleberg said he was impressed. “It’s been three months of hard work that’s gone in and they have really performed, not just on the bike, but in their preparation. I’m impressed with the level of professionalism they have brought to the school team.” The boys have been training around four times a week. Jack Naish was 11th overall and 5th equal on time in the U16s, with a time of 1.25.25 over 45kms, just 45 seconds behind the winner. Sam Buckley was 18th on time, in 21st place, also less than a minute behind the leader. Jackson Green had a time of 1.21 over the 35km course, and recovered well to continue riding after being entangled in a mishap in the early stages, finishing in the middle of the bunch. Max Truell rode a time of 1.52 over a 55km course, finishing in 37th place in a field of 70-odd riders. All of the races were large and competitive.

The team, coach Ben, parents and supporters enjoyed a shared meal and accommodation at the Okaroire Hot Springs Hotel prior to the event. A good time was had by all. Manager Andrea Hotere would like to thank Peter McIntyre, head of Sport, for support, and coach Ben Eitleberg and the boys and their families for their commitment.

We’d like to see some more girls get involved in cycling, so please get in touch if you are interested. Andrea 021446604


Both the Western Springs Lacrosse teams had a killer season. Training Tuesday mornings bright (or should I say dark) and early, had an array of girls with mixed ability and ages coming together to learn the sport we love called Lacrosse.  Through sunshine and rain they took to the fields. Getting stuck in the mud and the game, with the girls perseverance and ability only getting greater.
With each coming week I could see the skill sets of these girls significantly improving. Game understanding also came with the experience, along with the sneaky tricks which the ref wouldn't be able to see. Every game the girls held their head high no matter the score and brought along with them our school pride.
The ride home with a van filled with chatter, was only encouraged by our driver Dion. The amount of effort the girls continued to put in and support we received from the Sport Centre made this season what it was.  Special thank you to Bronwyn Hackett who helped transport and umpire their games.  Bronwyn would take time off work
just to help out with umpiring and transport. She is also the mother of the coach - Ellen, and Lucy - who is also in the Gold team.  Thank you to Sami, Pete and Dion. # wscproud #


This year the green team for girls lacrosse at Western Springs had an amazing season. Almost everyone in the team was completely new to lacrosse and to the school, but over the season they have all progressed heaps, visibly improving with each game. Springs Lacrosse girls compete each Thursday after school against a new and different college. We all worked together and going into each game as positive as possible, each time. We all learnt areas that needed to be worked on at training's and what our individual goals were. Ellen Hackett would also give us individual goals that would make us play better and effect the game hugely when she could make Thursday training's. Thanks to Bronwyn Hackett giving up her Thursday evenings and leaving work earlier than usual to help umpire the Green team’s games and coach on days of the games. Without Bronwyn Hackett making these games possible for us every Thursday. The Green Lacrosse team would like to give a huge thanks to Bronwyn for playing a huge part in our season Thank you for all your hard work and umpiring our games. We would also like to thank our couch Ellen, for coming every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon even though she doesn’t go to WSC anymore and has a very busy University schedule. We as a team have learnt so much from her over the season and are still learning things from her as tournament comes closer. Thanks to all the Green Lacrosse girls for always giving it 100% in all games and trainings. Well done girls!!!!      Linda Bates


Our 1st XV for this season have joined the open weight 2C competition and after eight rounds, have lost only one game. With two rounds to play, our 1st XV lead their section and should they remain in the top two, they will qualify for the Top 4 Playoffs. Our team management of Sigi Spath, Siu Puletiuatoa and Hannah Moselen have been impressed with the commitment the squad have shown at trainings, which has mirrored their performances on each Saturday. We wish them luck over the next four weeks.

RUGBY - Under 14s

Our juniors have had a very encouraging season considering the many pre-season setbacks they have suffered. With the arrival of super-coach Lio Va”auli, super motivator Dave Fane and manager Dave Paddy, the team has been more settled and are starting to show glimpses of their earlier promise.
With only a few games to play, they have lost three of their nine games. In a strange twist of ‘threes’, our juniors won their first three, lost their next three and are on a winning streak of three again. However, with possibly only the top two teams from each section progressing through to the Playoffs, our boys are just off the pace, lying in fourth place.  Regardless, the players have impressed their supporters and the coaching staff, with their tenacity and ability against much bigger opponents.




On the last weekend of the holidays a team of 6 girls competed in the National Secondary Schools Orienteering Champs in Cambridge. We travelled down in a school van and stayed with our competitors in St Peter’s College Hostel. The first event, which was a sprint, was around St Peter's College. We had two top ten placings in the sprint, with Kate Hannay coming 6th, and Sylvie Frater coming 7th. The second day was the long event, which had many steep hills and challenged our navigational skills. Anna Cory-Wright did well in this event placing 7th. The relay was held on our last day in Cambridge back at St Peter’s. We had two composite teams and one complete WSC team competing in this event. Congratulations to Nina Quinn, Anna Cory-Wright and Sylvie Frater whose relay team came second in the junior girls event. Thanks to Mary Wadsworth, Mark Frater and Bronwyn Rosie for driving the van and managing the team.


This season, we had four teams entered in the Auckland Central competition. It was a lot of fun for all players and by the end of the season we had some great results, culminating in one champion team and two teams finishing second, with our junior girls ending up in fifth place. Our champions were a mixed team, containing Liam Hogan, Vikram Setty, Te Ringa Maia Smith, Mikayla Stokes, Carmen Tsui and Helen Lee. They went through the season undefeated, beating boys, girls and other mixed teams…. Thanks to Liam Hogan and our top seeded player, Vikram Setty for their support in the development of our less experienced players.

Netball is coming to a close in a couple of weeks and it has been a season that has had its ups and downs no different from any other season.  However, what makes it special is that the teams are there helping each other out.  Girls will play for other teams if they are short, coaches will step in for other coaches if they are absent from training or games and that is the WSC/Waiorea spirit – standing together, never alone.
SENIORS     We are now into the semifinals for the 8 senior netball teams and what an awesome result. Congratulations to Waiorea B, Waiorea C, Waiorea Purple, WSC senior green, WSC senior development who will be playing for an opportunity to play in the finals for 1st place.  Waiorea A will be playing in the A grade for 5th and 6th placing again well done. Our Premier team is playing for points and are currently sitting 4th in their pool, which is exactly where we want them to be to remain in the Premier grade.  This is the same for the WSC Senior Gold who is also playing for points and is currently sitting at 2nd place.

A Bit longer for the Junior teams and for their semifinals.  We have 6 junior teams 3 Year 9 and 3 Year 10. Our Year 9 Gold moved from C grade to the A grade and are currently sitting 5th in their pool. Year 9 Green and Year 9 White are both in the same pool and will be playing for points currently sitting in 4th and 6th.  The Year 10 Gold and Waiorea 10 are also both in the same pool sitting 3rd  and 4th. Finally Year 10 Green is in 4th place in their pool and will be playing for points.

Our squash programme has seen it’s most successful year with three of the five teams being crowned Champions and our Senior Boys winning the Auckland Division 2 Team Championship for the very first time. All five teams trained at the National Squash Centre under the wings of Mike Weston, from Squash Auckland. Students were required to train early morning, usually twice a week. In two years, he has transformed our players into very good racquet players. In week 2 and 3 of the new term at school, Mike has set up a kiwisport programme for our Year 9 and 10 students. It is hoped more students will be identified and developed to carry on our excellent programme.
Our Senior Boys have impressively won four champs in a row, having won the Junior B, Junior A, Senior B and now the Senior A titles, plus adding the one day Auckland Team champs for good measure.
Three years ago, our Senior Girls team were novices, but with commitment to the programme, have developed into a solid team and the results have been impressive. These girls also competed in thed Auckland Team Champs for the first time and performed extremely well, finishing fifth overall.
Our Junior Boys team went through the season undefeated, culminating with a sound 4-0 win over previously undefeated Westlake in the Final. Half the team will stay on in the Juniors and with our B team developing well, the future looks rosy for the sport.

SENIOR BOYS - Auckland Open A Grade Champions and Auckland Division 2 Team Champions
SENIOR GIRLS - Auckland Central B Grade Champions
JUNIOR BOYS - Auckland Central/North Zone Champions
Big thank you to Mike Weston and also to Jenny Jones for their ongoing support. Without their enthusiasm and expertise we would have struggled to be where we are now.

Next term is a quiet term for sport where we have a number of junior teams playing in the following sports -
CRICKET - Junior Boys
EQUESTRIAN  - tournaments
SOFTBALL - tournaments
TENNIS - Junior Boys and Junior Girls
TOUCH - Junior Boys and Junior Girls
NB. Coaches and Managers are required for most sports teams. Should you be interested,  please e-mail  and put your name forward to support one of the above sporting teams.

Auckland Division 2 Boys Champions: Mitchell Home, Max Chambers, James McEwen, Maxsyn Molly-Parker and Max Stenhouse-Burgess

Western Springs College Tramping Trips July and August

mt te aroha july 10

mamaku range tramp

The WSC Tramping Club went to Ngatuhoa Lodge in the Mamaku Range along with the Auckland Tramping Club 1 - 3 July. Despite the freezing cold, the weather was great the whole time and the rivers and bush were really beautiful. Overall it was a fantastic weekend!

A keen group summited Mt Te Aroha on 10 July.  The views were well worth the climb.

More recently a small group of students and parents went with the Auckland Tramping Club to Mt Ruapehu to tramp in the snow. We had blizard conditions on Saturday and didn't make it to the lodge however. However Sunday was great and we had a magical walk in the snow. Despite the weather it was another great weekend.

Check out the WSC Tramping Club Page for more information.

If you are interested in going on a tramps in the future contact Zoe Truell at or 02102533201

Mt Ruapehu



Blended Family Success: Expert Advice
ONE DAY ONLY.  Essential information for every couple on how create a united, supportive home life and help children adjust in a step family.
Overcome common challenges and learn practical strategies from author, relationship coach and New Zealand’s leading Stepfamily Presenter, Adele Cornish.
Live happily ever after in your stepfamily! Last workshop this year. Numbers limited.
Saturday 10th September 8.30am – 3.30pm
Venue: The Parenting Place, Greenlane, Auckland
For tickets go to:    email:



Be among the first to see this fantastic documentary about Richie McCaw, which releases across NZ the day after our screening.

Details below and attached

8.00pm for drinks, 8.30pm movie start
Wednesday 31st August
The Bridgeway
Tickets (including a drink) $25 each from Bronwyn Hackett
Bring along friends and family to this highly anticipated NZ film, the next big hit of 2016!

Check out the trailer here

An easy and enjoyable way to support our wonderful school.


Career Happenings August 2016
Studylink-- Apply Online Guideline for STUDYLINK by December 15 (recommended)
If your son/daughter is thinking of applying for tertiary study in 2017 it is important to receive updates from studylink from now on.  Sign up here to receive emails from us.
Check it out before you apply
What you can get?
Can you get a student allowance? Evidence of parental income required.

Course Planning Dates at Western Springs College for Year 13 Leavers
The coming months the main Universities provide assistance and advice in planning tertiary study. Students going to University next year we HIGHLY recommend attending the relevant sessions. AUT Otago Canterbury have been already.
Victoria Course Planning Belinda Pilcher Wednesday 10th August 10.15 - 11.20 Waiora
Massey University Course Planning Thursday 11 August 1.40  2.20pm Waiora
Lincoln University Course Planning Suzanne Jamieson Waiora Friday 12 August 1.40 Auckland University Wednesday 24th August 10.15 - 12.30 (Hall then Waiora and BOT Meeting Room).

UNITEC Info Evening
4 - 7pm, Thursday 25 August 2016
, National Squash Centre, Unitec-Mt Albert

At the  Info Evening you can talk directly to lecturers to find out more about the study programme you’re interested in. The detailed information is available here
Also Unitec Bus Tour - Construction August 16 and September 20

Victoria University Wellington
Victoria Open Day - Friday 26 August 2016 from 8.15am–3pm

Come to Massey Open Days
Welcome; Haere Mai to Massey University. Open Days at Massey University are your chance to explore your future options. Held on each campus, they give you an insight into study areas, accommodation, student life and more. Registrations are open now!

20th August: Open day - Albany campus 10-3 pm . View the programme here
26th August: Open day - Wellington campus 8.30-1.30 pm. View  here

Auckland University Courses and Careers Day
Saturday, 27 August 2016 9am - 3.30pm.  The University of Auckland City Campus. Check out the full programme, plan your day and register for one of our free buses.

AUT University Open Day called AUT LIVE is on Saturday 27th August.

Art & Design Portfolio and Information Day
Tuesday 6 September 2016 City Campus.

Application Closing Dates for Year 13 Leavers
Each University and course has their own closing dates.  There are often ealrier closing dates for drama, fine arts, design and education (teaching) courses.  Please check the website and degree for closing dates.  For Unitec it is better to apply earlier rather than later.

AUT University Generally domestic students must apply before Semester 1, 2017 - apply by 24 November 2016. However Design students should apply earlier by 30 September 2016.

Auckland University application closing dates for 1st Semester, 2017:
31st August, 2016:
Bachelor of Music — Classical Performance, Jazz Performance, Popular Music majors only

1st October 2016:
Bachelor of Dance Studies, Fine Arts

1st December, 2016:
Bachelor of Education (Teaching), Human Services, Laws (Part II), Sport Health and Physical Education, Science, Social Work

8th December, 2016:
Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Arts, Commerce, Engineering(Hons), Health Sciences, Laws (I), Music, Nursing, Property, Science, Urban Planning 

Unitec Closing Dates
For Performing Arts programmes at Unitec please apply as early as possible to provide students opportunity for their applications to be assessed. The audition process for Acting and Dance takes place over labour weekend in October.

Other Unitec course close when they are full so it is best to apply early rather than later.

Halls of Residence Applications generally open on 1 August and close on 29th September to 1 October.  Please check tertiary websites for further information.

Magazine for School Leavers
We receive regular copies of a magazine called “Leaving School” published by Oliver Lee.  We distribute these to as many students as possible.  A digital copy is here or go to

Year 12 Careers programme
The 2 hour in class programme concluded with a presentation from AUT and Auckland university in the hall.  The presenters gave considerable details about entry requirements and the importance of scoring well in Year 12 in order to earn credits to be eligibile or financial scholarships.


Got A Trade Day
10 students visited NZ’s largest trainer of eletricians,  ETCO, in their Mount Wellington workshops where students bent conduit for ducting wires and connected small circuits.  After lunch we travelled south to AB Equipment, a material handling equipment supplier, to learn about apprenticeships and careers in the industry.  Huge growth in city infrastructure is keeping AB Equipment and its impressive machines  very busy.

Student Exchange Expo
Three students exchange companies talked to interested students last Friday.  A small amount of Mediterranean food was prepared in the foreground was prepared for students who attended!

Parents:  Have your kids caught the Pokemon Bug? 

Millions of students are running around the streets playing this augmented reality game.

Is this game safe for your family? Watch the video below to see our concerns.

Pokémon Go Parent App Guide Video (NEW!)
Pokémon Go is an augmented-reality mobile game for iOS and Android devices. While quickly becoming one of the most popular apps of all time, it has raised some safety concerns. Learn how your kids can have fun and still stay safe if they play Pokémon Go.

Here's what the news says about Pokémon Go:
“Authorities are warning [Pokémon Go] could possibly bring your kids in contact with unsavory elements.” –NBC New York
“Police are concerned [Pokémon Go] could be the latest way online criminals attempt to target victims.” –iTV
The 17 Apps Your Student Should Never Use
Are you a parent who understands the negative effect social media apps can have on your child’s future? Learn what popular apps might be a terrible choice for your students and how to talk with your kids to start a healthy dialog. Parent App Guide is a popular app with teens and tweens that lets users make lip-syncing videos to their favorite songs. Watch our 3 minute video to become an expert on this app.

Building a Positive Social Media Reputation for Student Athletes
Social media is becoming a major part of an athlete’s career. Players who focus on building a positive social media reputation are consistently receiving better deals and endorsement opportunities. We reached out to expert, Nic Mayne, for his best social media tips for student athletes looking to jumpstart their career.

Parents: Here's the best way to start a dialog with your kids. Have our experts give you a customized plan for your kid.
This program gives parents detailed steps from a social media expert to help students get on-track with their digital footprint. It's a great way to start a dialog with a student between the ages of 8-18.

Attend the next Digital Citizenship Conference
Join 100+ parents and educators to learn digital citizenship safety trends & tactics in Los Angeles. 16 topics (8 panel discussions & 8 breakout sessions) that help parents and educators encourage students to build a positive online presence. Learn from our expert panels and deep dive sessions.

4 Experts Share Teen Mobile Phone Safety Tips
If you have a teen or tween, you know the challenges of screen time and giving them unlimited access to the internet via a mobile device. We found several experts to share their best teen mobile phone tips and the benefits of giving your tween a smartphone.

5 Tips to Get That Student Internship or Job
The college years offer amazing opportunities to explore your interests, make contacts and build confidence. Here are top tips to make the most of the people and services available to students in order to maximize their career opportunities.

Josh Ochs & The Team

P.S. Please save the date for our upcoming Digital Citizenship Conference in LA (and let us know if you want to partner).

P.P.S More resources for your family:
Get your family a social media audit to protect your future.
Join my next social media webinar (Free)
Get a free copy of my book (just pay shipping)



Ministry of Health - Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme at Home Pharmacy Grey Lynn
Free Antibiotics & Throat Swab for Maori and Pacific Island children aged between 3 and 19 years old.
No Appointment required - we're open 7 days, simply pop in.
Home Pharmacy Grey Lynn | 280 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn (next to Fruit World) | Tel: 09 281 2812
Mon - Fri 9am-6pm | Sat 9am-5pm | Sun 10am-4pm
For more information -


Term Three Special Offers
Adult and Teen Community Education Classes
Western Springs College

For a full list of upcoming classes click here. 

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