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9 June 2017

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Calendar - Term Two - 2017

Week 7
12 June - 16 June  
Monday 12
Diversity Day
Tuesday 13
WSC Half day (PD). Early finish 1.45pm
Wednesday 14
Open Day catch-up tour assemble in hall foyer 9-11am
Thursday 15
Nga Manu Korero Regional Speech Competition Powhiri

Week 8
19 June - 23 June
Monday 19
BOT Meeting @ 6pm held in the Library
Peace Week
Friday 23
Yr 10 Sports Academy Trip, back P5



Week 9
26 June - 30 June
Monday 26
Matariki Week
Geo Trip Waihi
Tuesday 27
Ponsonby/Pasadena Arts Trip
Thursday 29
Senior Parent Interviews


Senior Report Evening

Thursday 29 June 2-4pm, 5-7pm
Periods  1, 4  and 5 will run on that day
School will close at 12.40pm.

From the Principal

Kerre McIvor’s piece on bullying in the Herald on Sunday has attracted a fair bit of media attention both generally and here at Springs.  If you didn’t see the article, Kerre was beating herself up for not intervening in some stand over tactics between children that she observed while stuck in traffic. The reason for Springs getting some attention from the media as a result of her article is her inference that because the students were not in uniform they could be from the local college, despite her initial impression that the students were of intermediate school age.  We are used to this – people making assumptions about anyone of school age not in uniform as coming from here.  Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I have informed the press of the catch-cry of our anti bullying message here at the school; “Tell your teacher, tell your family, tell until someone listens!”  I have to say I am proud of the work we do as a team here to stamp out bullying whenever we see it.  Of course, I am not in a position to say it never happens here but our students do tell us how effective we are at minimizing it and dealing with it.  In our Well-being at School* survey completed last year by a sample of 450 students, 95% of respondents reported that they are never bullied by other students at school.  (*Wellbeing at School, New Zealand Council for Educational Research; Secondary Student Survey)

School Rebuild:
On the re-build front the excavation works for the new school are now complete and filling and compacting is nearing an end.  June 23rd is the target date for this.  A build contractor has now been finalized by MOE and we can expect a formal announcement soon.  Our new outdoor shelter for the PED programme has been erected and we are just waiting for the Tiger turf base to be installed.  This includes a very impressive LED lighting fit-out and should prove to be a boon for our after-hours sports training as well.

Congratulations and Farewells:
Firstly, a farewell to Tim Stubbs, our Head of the Economics Department, Head of Atea House and champion dragonboat coach, who leaves us at the end of next week for other ventures of a less stressful kind than teaching.  Best wishes Tim – you will be sorely missed by both your students and colleagues.

Congratulations to Zoe Lindsay, our Head of Moana House and teacher of History and Social Studies who has been appointed to a position with the Education Review Office and leaves us at the end of this term; to Charlotte Cooney, our teacher in charge of Chemistry, who has been appointed to position at an international school in Singapore from the beginning of term 3; and to Will Elliot who has been appointed to a position in Physical Education and Health at Pinehurst School.  Will leaves us on August 23rd.

I am pleased to announce that we have been successful in appointing an outstanding teacher from Rangitoto College to fill Zoe’s teaching position.  Peter Kerr will start with us at the beginning of term 3.  Oliver Thorpe, an experienced and New Zealand trained teacher will return from Britain to take up the position vacated by Will Elliot.

The Heads of House positions vacated by Tim and Zoe will be filled by Amy Dennis as co-HoH Atea with Mel Webber and Rachel Allwood, HoH Moana.

                                                                                                                                                         Ivan Davis

Coming up… Western Springs College – Ngā Puna o Waiōrea is taking the best of Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts to showcase the Arts at Ponsonby and Pasadena Intermediate Schools on Tuesday 27th June. There is an exciting line-up selected for the day and both teachers and students are excited to prepare for this performance opportunity.

Following our Arts Showcase, we have Stage Challenge – Estrangement ready to perform at the Aotea Centre on Friday 7th July, last day of term. Final adjustments to the dance production are well underway with set being built, costumes being carefully assembled, soundtrack planning and dance routines refined - with just under 4 weeks to go! The leaders’ team would like to take this opportunity to remind students involved of the importance of rehearsal and making it along to each and every after-school session as the performance date very quickly approaches. Families and supporters can purchase tickets to the Auckland shows very soon. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale at 3pm Friday, the 9th of June through Ticketmaster. Stage Challenge and J Rock 2017 Tickets – be in quick!

Finally, congratulations to Hattie Salmon and Amy Morrin who represented our school so well at the University of Otago - Sheilah Winn Shakespeare - National Festival in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday weekend - you were fantastic, really owned the big stage and had fabulous diction, clarity and humour.

Thank you Luke Evans – 13 Art Design for the ArtsNews Heading in this issue.                                                                                               Kirsty Britton – Arts Coordinator

YouDance Festival

This week Year 12 and 13 Dance students performed their own choreography at the YouDance Festival at the Raye Freedman Theatre. All three groups were praised for their unique, imaginative choreography and their ability to create dances that are purposeful. Their outstanding performances showed a strong commitment to communicating the ideas they had developed.

Year 13s Esther Cohen-Goh, Carla Harre, Freya Sturm and Rahera Taka Brown created a dance inspired by New Zealand Dance Company’s Rotunda. Their choreography The Women you Left Behind conveyed the loss women experienced when their men left NZ during the First World War, and the strength they found in each other.

Year 12 students Christophe Bate, Shani Mitchell and Rahiri Maihi performed their dance Control based on striving for self-control. Georgia Menhennet, Akinehi Munroe and Rarahu Wong’s dance Cling was inspired by the idea of needing to move out of our comfort zones in order to make progress.
The students relished the opportunity to perform with eight other schools to a large audience.  They enjoyed seeing the work created by other secondary schools students in a non-competitive environment.
                                                                                                                      HOD Dance – Chloe Davison

Christophe Bate, Shani Mitchell, Rahiri Maihi.

Class Productions

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you who supported the two year 11 classes in their productions of Gargantua. Each show was a brilliant tour de force of physical comedy and general mayhem on stage. Each class was double cast and each performance brought something new to the show. The casts were focused, energetic and totally committed to the work. The comedy was wonderful as we watched a giant baby take on the world, and win! Well done to Beth Kayes and Year 11 Drama!

Year 12 and 13 Drama classes are busy rehearsing their productions which open in the first three weeks of term 2. The year 12 classes are performing Wheeler's Luck, a classic kiwi comedy full of kiwiana kitch. Richard Lush, the smooth  and ever so slightly sleazy Auckland developer rolls in to the little seaside town of Bell End hoping to buy up Cox Point, property of the recently deceased Nora Cox, and turn it into a five star entertainment and gaming facility. He doesn't, however, bank on the determination of Murray Dickle, NZ Post Rural division. The fight for the hearts and minds of the oddball townsfolk that ensues is comedy gold. It culminates in the most amazing onstage horse race you will ever see; two men go head to head, bareback and carrying mother and daughter pillion passengers! The climax is truly explosive. Don’t miss it.

Wheeler's Luck - show dates are Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th July, Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd August, 3:30 and 7:00 pm each day. Matinees free, Evening shows adults $5.

The Year 13 students are tackling Shakespeare, but with a twist. Twelfth Night is one of the bard's late works, full of love, humour and mistaken identity. All Fools day was traditionally held around the 12 night of Christmas and was a tipping of the social scales; fools became kings and masters became servants. We have taken the idea and let a cast of idiot clowns loose on the bard's work, genders and text are played fast and loose with who knows what results.

Twelfth Night - shows are on Tuesday - Friday 8-11 August 7:00pm, $5.

                                                                                                                     HOD Drama - Robert Pollock

Diversity Docos Film Festival

The Diversity Docos Film Festival on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes has been going really well, with a dedicated crew of doco watchers and popcorn eaters showing up for both films.  How to Dance in Ohio directed by Alexandra Shiva will be showing in Week 7. It’s got great talking points about issues such as inclusion and diversity and is just downright heart-warming! If you’d like to find out more go here to see the trailers.

A group of Yr 13 students were lucky enough to go to a Docs for Schools day where they saw some fabulous local and international films, pertinent to their own documentary making and their external exam topic. We are very grateful for the opportunity the Doc Edge Festival gives us to send these student to see great films, at no charge.

Students watching Gayby Baby at the Diversity Docos WSC Film Festival

Oscar Barber-Wilson - Student Media Leader and HOD Media - Deb Thompson

Stand Up Stand Out - entries are open!!

Stand Up Stand Out – entries are open!! This annual competition held at the Otara Music and Arts Centre (OMAC) is always a great showcase of talent. WSC students have reached the finals in previous years. All styles of music are welcome and you can perform covers.

Here is more information about the event itself – see Margaret Robertson in the Music Department for information about entering.

Check it out on

Stand Up Stand Out (SUSO) is an annual music and dance competition delivered by Auckland Council as part of a regional arts and culture programme for youth.

The competition attracts entries from across Auckland’s secondary schools.  From RnB, reggae, folk, rock to jazz ballet, contemporary to hip hop, Stand Up Stand Out is where Auckland’s youth come to shine and vie for more than $6,000 in prizes.

Competition categories include: solo vocal, group vocal, solo instrumental, bands and dance Heats and semi-finals are held at OMAC. Following a selection process judged by a panel of industry professionals, heat qualifiers go through to compete at the competition finals.

Category winners will also have the opportunity to attend a masterclass workshop with one of the SUSO 2017 judges. All original works performed at SUSO 2017 will be considered for inclusion in the SUSO 2017 digital compilation hosted on soundcloud.

NZ on Air representatives will be invited to the Finals evening and may select performers for inclusion into their recording and video grant programmes.

Each year, the competition offers a thrilling and exciting showcase that focuses on the energy of live performance but also represents a stunning and positive expression of Auckland youth from all backgrounds.

Registrations are open 1 - 30 June 2017.
                                                                                                              Margaret Robertson – HOD Music

Junior Art Success!

Greetings - Just a quick heads up to indicate and acknowledge the collective buzz emanating from the Art rooms lately - with students hard at work on their class and individual programmes.  Perhaps it is a combination of the cold weather outside; proximity to the canteen; the new blinds (except Y8); the practise examination/workshops; resubmission deadlines  or, a combination of everything – but the senior students seem to be more focussed and driven to finish and resolve their work to gain higher level credits in Art and Art History.

The modelling of the senior work ethic is also evidenced and reflected in the range of highly expressive art currently happening in the junior school.  The year nine visual vocabulary works and patterned tiki paintings are tracking the students understanding and development of skills that will provide a strong art making foundation for further study.  The year ten students are currently mastering their pop art work in three dimensional and painted form – referencing Wayne Thiebauld and Claes Oldenberg.  This cupcake series of work will enable them to gain level one credits in Visual Art with the option of additional Art History credits.  The year ten painted works will also feature in two collaborative murals on the wall by Y Block later in the year.

To end, a reminder to parents and caregivers about Y10-Y13 Art and Art History fees for the year – thank you to those that have paid or have made arrangements to pay, as it contributes greatly to the continuation of our programmes. 

Ia Manuia                                                               

                                                                                                                             Lily Laita - HOD Art



Students and Audiobooks

We openly encourage students who would like to support their work in English and their own reading through audiobooks. We are recommending students who feel they could benefit from audiobooks:

  1. Check with the Learning Centre which has a good range of titles on their drive. If they have it, they can supply you with audiobooks and MP3 files of any of those titles.
  2. Look on youtube, as there are a lot of audiobooks, many read by the author.
  3. Subscribe to the service run by 'Audible' where a monthly subscription gets you access to a vast library of audiobooks'
  4. Join the public library and use their great free online digital resources.  Lots and lots of up to the minute audiobooks for teens and young adults that can be downloaded for 14 days at a time. If you haven't already, now's a great time to get signed up with your local library.

Please do encourage your children to use audiobooks if you feel it would help them focus, engage and comprehend.

                                                                                                                                                      Phil Douglas

Notices from International

Student Department

For three weeks now, the international department has been running a special winter sports activity programme at our local beach in Pt. Chevalier. International students have devoted their Saturdays or Sundays to a board, a sail, and a paddle – many of whom have never done wind surfing or paddle boarding before.

Contrary to what we tend to believe, and according to our proficient local surf coach, Mr Pete Smith, wind surfing and paddle boarding are excellent sports for the winter time. Over the past three weekends, our international student group has been particularly lucky to enjoy excellent weather and wind conditions – apparently even better conditions than during the summer time.  After all, once the students are well equipped with wetsuits, the water temperature becomes peripheral, and the sun and wind central – and New Zealand has plenty of both in winter.

Hengji (Henry) Liu’s life in New Zealand

Henry Liu has a rather unusually mature outlook on life as a foreigner in New Zealand. According to him, studying should only take up one part of the sojourn even though a New Zealand education may be the main driver for overseas students to move here. The other part should be to live in a way that respects the host country. Henry postulates that as an international student, one’s interests should be developed around local communities. He suggests that one way of doing so is by joining a local group or by doing voluntary work with local organisations. Yet Henry is also very conscious that following such pursuits is by no means easy. He says that stepping out of one’s comfort zone takes much courage, initiative, and willingness. For an international student, it also requires using English constantly – on the phone, in conversation, and to solve problems.

Immersing is not an easy road, but one worth taking. After being in New Zealand for four years, Henry is getting closer to his goals bit by bit. He has joined a local church that is characterised by its openness to diversity – a quality that Henry holds dear. In fact, one of the reasons for him to move to Auckland was precisely the city’s culture of tolerance. Henry has also taken on voluntary work in an effort to meaningfully contribute to society. He currently spends a few hours every fortnight as a voluntary receptionist at the Citizens Advice Bureau, referring clients to relevant professionals.

With regard to his Western Springs College education, Henry appreciates three schooling principles in particular, and they are all in stark contrast to the values ascribed in Chinese education. 1) Student-oriented education: Henry thoroughly enjoys the degree to which students are given responsibility to develop their own (research) skills, rather than following teacher instructions.  2) Process-oriented learning. Even though results and achievements matter here too, Henry likes that the process of attaining knowledge is given primary importance at Springs. 3) Learning transferrable skills. Developing critical thinking skills which apply to real life matters, and being able to consider the same matter from different angles is essential both for an academic career and the workforce. Henry loves being given the opportunity to foster these skills here in New Zealand.

At home, Henry enjoys meaningful conversations with his host family, as well as keeping himself updated on current affairs and local programmes. He says it’s important to feel at home in your homestay, whichever way this can be achieved.

The international team wishes Henry a very bright future in New Zealand. May you not only succeed well in your tertiary studies – be they in Auckland or the South Island - but also flourish in your future professional career and local involvement.


Our school welcomes applications from local families who maybe interested in hosting International Students.
Ever thought of hosting an International student? Do you have a spare room available?

We are looking for families to host International students (male or female, long or short term). We offer a good
remuneration to cover student costs being $275.00 per week. If you are keen or interested in becoming a
host family please contact our Administration and Homestay Manager, Rachealle Tyrell for more details.
Phone 8156730 (ext 752) or Mobile 021617172 / Email:  
Our International team would love to hear from you!

Library News

We are very excited about our new Library Management System, which was installed during the holidays.  It comes with an attractive, easy to navigate interface which we are in the process of customising for our school. In the following  image  the new books released this year are able to be visually displayed on a carousel. In addition we have set up  direct links to our eBooks and to the Epic databases to assist students and staff with their online research. Our plan is to  include more features to assist both students and staff in their reading and researching.

Other  features include:

  • our students will soon be given the opportunity to connect with the library 24/7
  • Instant access to not only books but also eBooks, quality online digital content eg Epic, curriculum related websites, podcasts and videos
  • book covers are displayed along with links to other titles of similar genre. In the  following some of the available titles are displayed for a search on ‘Historical Fiction’
  • ‘One Search’ - allows searching across multiple online content.  The results will not only  retrieve library books but also the online encyclopedia, newspapers, magazines, and videos.  Furthermore by scanning a QR code a resource can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet.

Our plan is to  include more features to assist both students and staff in their reading and researching.  We will keep the school community informed of changes as they occur.

                                                                                                                                                   Sharda Patel

Careers Happenings

Year 10 Careers Week

The Year 10 Careers Programme aims to broaden students’ ideas while developing skills needed for further independent career research.  Heads of Houses began this week explaining how NCEA works to achieve best results. Year 10 students then investigated interest-based career options using an online tool called Dreamcatcher.

After creating their Dreamcatcher profile, students viewed the Careers website using Career Quest which is a great tool recommending jobs based on actual interests.  Students then read  the careers website for job opportunities, pay and training/entry requirements and people in the job.  Students can log in Dreamcatcher at home via the intranet and show you the jobs they researched.

Students learned to seek information, particularly in WSC coursebooks (here), which give subject prerequisites required to study at the next school year level (especially important after year 11), tertiary entry requirements and recommended subjects for different jobs (here).

Key advice for Year 10s making subject choices
1. Students tend to achieve better academically in subjects they enjoy. 
2. A manageable load is important when deciding subjects. 
3. Keeping subject options open is paramount in case of a change of students’ plans.
4. Check ahead for Year 12 subject prerequisites (Course book) when deciding year 11 subjects.

Year 12 Careers Programme
Almost all of year 12 have had session one of their 2-hour Careers Programme.
We covered  University Entrance requirements and restricted course entry using Auckland University as an example.  In the final class we will cover financial aspects of tertiary study by looking at StudyLink and explore financial scholarship eligibility using website (available at school).  We will show ways for year 12 students to gain part-time work experience to complement their study, as well as encouraging them to visit various tertiary campus open days.

Events coming soon
University of Auckland Parents Information Seminar
Tuesday 27 June 2017  6:30 - 8:30pm
Fisher and Paykel Appliances Auditorium at the Owen G. Glenn Business School
12 Grafton Road Auckland             Free parking will be available under the Owen G. Glenn Business School.   Please take a ticket on entering the carpark building and exchange this for an exit ticket at the registration stand. Registration in the link here

Otago University: Auckland Info Evening: 20 June @ 6.30pm (Eden Park, South Level 4 Lounge)

Victoria University: Auckland Info Evening: 4 July 6.30 - 8.30 pm (Ellerslie Event Centre)

Other Future Careers Events  can be found here.

Change-making at Springs 
News from our Sustainability Groups

Waste Wise
This year, Wastewise have started and continued a few projects. Here are some of the things we are doing.

Clothes swap!!!
We will be running a clothes swap on Tuesday the 20th of June (Week 8 of this term). If you have any clothes that you don't wear anymore, bring them in on Monday lunch or Tuesday interval and then come back at lunch to check out what everyone else has brought to swap. Anything that's left over will go to the Auckland City Mission.
Bake sale
We also recently ran a bake sale, raising over $150 to help environmental issues overseas. We will be sponsoring an Orangutan that has lost its habitat due to palm oil, and also helping out Clean Up Nepal, an organisation that works with the problems that Nepal has with rubbish.
Honey wraps
Honey wraps have been one of our main focuses since we started planning at the end of term. Honey wraps are a sustainable alternative to glad wrap and are a step towards a cleaner, greener, plastic-free future.  We will be making them available for sale at parent teacher interviews for a low price of $5 so look out for us if you are interested in helping to support the school and save the environment. We Will also be Selling the honey wraps At the Grey Lynn Farmers market. So if you miss them at the interviews, come down and see us here on Saturday’s soon.

Sports News


Eighteen rugby players from our 1st XV squad recently took part in a Lions Promo here at our school. The visit, featured eight British & Irish Lions who stayed for two hours, assisting Auckland Rugby with various training skills, signing autographs and taking photos.

As the British and Irish Lions tour NZ once every twelve years, this was indeed a 'once-in-a
lifetime' experience, which the boys will treasure forever. Teachers, students and parents also came along to watch the spectacle.

Big thanks to Waiorea, Auckland Rugby and their sponsors for organising a truly memorable afternoon.

             (Photo Below) Springs Sport Co-Ordinators Richard & Sami with BIL Captain, Sam Warburton.

                        (Photo below)    Netane Vaiuku performing a training skill with BIL Sean O’Brien.


Our lacrosse team has learnt a lot from last season and this year we have improved so much as we drew our third game against St Mary's and having our first win of the season against Pinehurst.

Our captain Lucy Hackett has been selected as a travelling reserve for the New Zealand Women's team, who will travel to the US to play college teams in July before heading over to the World Cup in Guilford.

We have also got lots of parent support this year which is fantastic.Thank you to our coach Ellen Hackett (ex-student) and to our amazing officials who umpire all our games - Bronwyn Hackett (mother of the coach and captain) but also to our manager - Katie Wickes (mother of Harriet Hannah-Wickes) for organising and co-ordinating things with the other amazing parents who come out to support and help out with transport and other duties!!!

We wish the team all the best - #UPTHEEELS!!!


The North West Orienteering Club hosted this event, which took place at Woodhill Forest.
Springs had three female students enter this year.

Intermediate Girls Championship
Anna Cory-Wright finished 5th overall
Sylvie Frater  finished 8th overall

There were 18 competitors in this grade.

Intermediate Girls Standard
Lili Cave - finished 15th overall

There were 25 competitors in this grade.

The Championship courses are set as difficult as possible within the guidelines to test
the most able orienteers in each age group.  The standard grade courses still provide
a good level of technical and physical challenge.

Well done to all three of our Intermediate competitors. A big thank you to Guy Cory-Wright and Mary Wadsworth for their organisation and especially to Bronwyn Rosie for transporting and supervising the girls on the day.


Intermediate Girls Relay:  3rd Place out of 16 teams
Sylvie Frater, Nina Quinn and Anna Cory Wright

Senior Girls Composite Relay:  8th Place out of 13 teams
Skylar Chapman-Peters

Junior Boys Composite Relay:  12th Place out of 17 teams
George Wright and Angus Williamson

Intermediate Girls Long Championship:  32 competitors
Sylvie Frater  -  8th
Anna Cory Wright  -  10th
Lili Cave  -  18th
Nina Quinn  -  21st

Junior Boys Long Standard:  17 competitors
Angus Williamson  -  8th
George Wright  -  16th

Senior Girls Long Standard:  16 competitors
Skylar Chapman-Peters  -  5th

Senior Girls Sprint:  45 competitors
Skylar Chapman-Peters  -  16th

Intermediate Girls Sprint:  53 competitors
Sylvie Frater  -  8th
Anna Cory Wright  -  11th
Nina Quinn  -  22nd
Lili Cave  -  33rd

Junior Boys Sprint:  65 competitors
George Wright  -  44th
Angus Williamson  -  51st


Community Notices


"Interested in auditioning for an upcoming youth concert? New Found Sound is for you! Register a band, solo or duo group on the Raise Up website. The registration page will be on the Raise Up website under New found sound, events and workshops or email When registering remember to tick the Mt Albert location. The concert will be held on the 30th of June. $5 Door sales will be available for those who want to come along and support their friends. See you there.”

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the violin or ukelele but thought it was too late? Its never too late to learn an instrument. Individual adult violin lesson or individual / group ukelele lessons available. Several time slots available Monday to Thursday during school hours @ our unique Pt Chev Rd studio.
Contact Meryl Main 0212854383 or
Testimonials available.

JULY 10-21

We are thrilled to announce that acclaimed director, actor and film-maker Paolo Rotondo will be joining us at TAPAC in the July school holidays to train New Zealand's next generation of film-makers. If you have an 11-13 year-old film aficionado at home, be sure they don't miss out on this opportunity. Visit the TAPAC website to find out more and book

Other holiday programmes running at TAPAC include Audition Workshops for budding actors, Circus Arts and our ever-popular Showtime. Plus booking will open soon for Winter Wonderland - which promises to bring out your 5-7 year-old's inner Elsa or Olaf!

Dance with NZDC this school holiday in
Youth Winter School 2017!

The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) presents Youth Winter School 2017, a school holiday programme taught by NZDC's professional dancers, led by Chrissy Kokiri (Te Arawa). With levels to cater for experienced and new dancers, students will learn technique and choreography from NZDC's finest contemporary dancers. The week of workshops will culminate in a performance of short works entitled Safe Place to Be Brave with NZDC and the Winter School participants.

For more information about registering for Winter School and seeing Safe Place to Be Brave, please visit:

*There is opportunity for financial assistance. If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please email Melanie at All scholarships are awarded on hardship need with a referee's endorsement.

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