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Stuart Parkin

There’s much talk about personal branding but does it really matter when it comes to you? It does, for two reasons:

Defensively – The best way to keep your job is to be known for doing something well that ideally correlates with making money. Ideally, you will have a unique expertise in a discipline, practice or process, or specific knowledge of an industry vertical or own key client relationships.

Offensively – You optimize your chances of success in your current agency or with prospective employers if what you deliver has a uniqueness or ‘stand out’ factor. So it should concern us when Peter Drucker says ‘Most people think they know what they are good at. They are usually wrong.’

There are two aspects to the personal branding ‘thing’ to focus on:

The reality – What you actually do; And, The ‘spin’ – What people perceive you can do, as a result of marketing. For expert commentary, see the attached list of links.


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