More Info on LiveSwitch SFU + MCU - Coming June 2017

We're excited to announce that LiveSwitch, our new selective forwarding (SFU) and mixing (MCU) SDK, will be released in June 2017.

LiveSwitch will allow you to easily scale your video conferences to hundreds of users, efficiently. With easily configurable rules, you can decide who receives which audio/video streams, and what is mixed and recorded -- all based on the IceLink media chaining architecture.

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Upcoming White Papers

We'll be publishing white papers on a range of Internet Based Real-Time Communications (iRTC) topics over the next few months. Check out the schedule below. As a current subscriber, you'll receive them via email as they're released.
  • Introduction to Internet Real Time Communications (iRTC) — April 2017
  • iRTC: The Role of Signaling in iRTC — April 2017
  • iRTC: Text Chat and Syncing Browser Data — May 2017
  • iRTC: Selective Forwarding — May 2017
  • iRTC: Audio/Video Mixing — June 2017
  • iRTC: Telephony VOIP and PSTN — June 2017
  • iRTC: Content Broadcasting — July 2017

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IceLink + Chrome 57 Update

IceLink not only eliminates headaches related to differences between WebRTC vs. ORTC, but it also continues to protect you against changes within WebRTC itself.

Chrome 57, for example, is now requiring RTCP multiplexing (rtcp-mux) instead of negotiating. For our IceLink users, this is already taken care of - no changes necessary!

How to Scale Your WebRTC Application

Have you checked out our new website yet? It includes a redesigned blog, updated frequently with product announcements, industry news and tips from our very own CTO and WebRTC expert, Anton Venema. Check out Anton's latest post "How to Successfully Scale Your WebRTC Application".

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