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Webinar: Transforming built infrastructure to support net zero

February 2021

Join the N8 Research Partnership for our next webinar, exploring how people and businesses in the North of England can support meeting climate targets.

Please join us for the second in our series of Net Zero North webinars.

11th March 2021, 2pm-3.30pm

Book your place on our upcoming webinar to hear from experts from the N8 universities, House by Urban Splash, Northern Housing Consortium and more – exploring how the North can lead the transition to low-carbon construction methods and building retrofit by supporting skills and training, innovation, and wider community adoption.

We will hear from experts from academia and industry, as well as from the US on the challenges and opportunities in future construction and retrofit for net-zero.  With perspectives on effective decision making, the shared challenges in New England and Northern England and understanding how learning can be shared between retrofit and new projects, this webinar will explore how to make sustainable construction and retrofit a reality.

CLICK HERE to register to attend.