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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                          Alex Conant/Brooke Sammon
November 11, 2015                                        

Marco "4-0" at GOP Debates

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Rubio had his usual stellar night. It’s simply amazing. There’s no subject on which he is not fluid and forceful, and passionate. ... So, as usual, I think he led the field.

KARL ROVE: If you rank everybody, Rubio, of course -- look he has done well, and he’s been at the top of the top. 

BERNIE GOLDBERGI thought Marco Rubio did very well. I thought he did exceptionally well. ... He’s not only knowledgeable, which is important, he’s good at politics because part of running for President is showbiz. I mean that in the best sense, and he’s good at that as well as being knowledgeable.

CHARLIE GASPARINO: If I was looking at a candidate that was both Presidential and substantive, that would be Rubio.

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THE WASHINGTON POST: “Winners: Marco Rubio: Rubio's line about welders making more money than philosophy majors will be quoted all over the place in the post-debate analysis. … Rubio knocked it out of the park when debating military spending and the right role for America in the world with Rand Paul. He got a meatball of a question when asked  by the moderators about Hillary Clinton's resume as compared to his own; he, unsurprisingly, answered it well and easily.” (The Washington Post, 11/10/15)