Watch Your Words

Language is a powerful thing. Before we know it, offhanded phrases we use every day start shaping our actions. Such is the case for many email marketers.

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One dirty little word is the focus of one of my most popular articles, which I just put up over on Medium.

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Email Newsletters are the New Zines

Freaking love this analogy from Simon Owens. I love the culture around zines and comics and totally get a similar vibe from email newsletters. Small community feel + honesty and weirdness = win for everyone involved.

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Oliver Jeffers on Drawing

My favorite picture book creator on learning how to draw, copying comic books, and embracing mistakes to make art more human. 

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Image Budgets for Email

A really in-depth look at the performance costs of images in email campaigns from Anna Yeaman of STYLECampaign. She doesn't post often, but when she does... 

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Favorite Emails of February

Finally, I rounded up four of my favorite email campaigns from the last month and shared a few brief thoughts on each. It's no video, but it'll do. 

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