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I'm working on the second version of Professional Email Design and I'd love to hear your thoughts on an update.

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Favorite Emails: March 2016

A look at my favorite campaigns from the past month. Hard to decide on them this time around—March was an excellent month in the email world.

Well done, friends

My Heroic and Lazy Stand Against IFTTT

An amazing, honest post from Pinboard creator Maciej Ceglowski on IFTTT's demand for free work and unearned ownership. Absurdity.

If you don't use Pinboard, you should start. It's a fantastic bookmarking tool and one of the few remaining services with principles and strong opinions.

Nuts to all that

Baking Accessibility In

Brad Frost's notes on Cordelia McGee-Tubb's recent talk. A nice, succinct list of considerations for tackling accessibility in web design projects.

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