Think Before You Blast
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people refer to sending an email campaign as 'blasting'. Check out the article below to find out why. In the meantime, a quick question for you: do the words we use to describe our jobs really matter or am I just a curmudgeon?
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Words matter, especially on the web and in email. Let’s not get lazy with ours and have something as insidious as the term blast destroy our values and our relationships with subscribers.
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I’m still accepting submissions for Campaign Critique. Send in your email campaigns for some free advice on improving them.
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Other Awesome Stuff
The Values of the Web
The web is not a perfect place. Still, the values that underpin it—openness, honesty, collaboration—are truly important and something worth fighting for. I totally agree with Brad Frost on this one.
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The Apple iPhone 6 and Watch: What email designers should prepare for next
Yep, they’re here: bigger iPhones and an  Watch. Ros Hodgekiss hits the ground running with a look at what email designers may be worrying about next.
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Work Life Imbalance
The irony of including an article on letting work seep into every aspect of your life in my Sunday email newsletter isn’t lost on me. Still, a great read from Rian van der Merwe on giving yourself permission to disengage and veg out.
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