A Learning Opportunity

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While I'd love to have been the next great act, failing at a career in music allowed me to learn skills that I use nearly every day of my life. I may have ended up with less hair, but at least I got an article out of it. 

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Really Good Resources

The fine folks over at Really Good Emails just added a new resources page, chock full o' code, books, tools, and interviews—including a few from yours truly (aw, shucks!).

It's crying baby new

Frontend Design

Brad Frost clarifies what many of us have thought for a long time. The division between design, code and the front and backend has some weird existential and organizational consequences for everyone.

We're the mortar

A Failure A Day...

I'm happy to be amongst the small audience Coby Chapple mentions in this post on using a daily practice to get comfortable with failure and overcome the all-too-powerful force that is resistance.

Fail, rinse, repeat

Learn Email Design

Professional Email Design is a handbook for HTML email design, diving into the tools, techniques, and elements behind successful campaigns.

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