Hey, have you heard about TextExpander?

At this point, I think everyone has, especially since they recently updated to a subscription SaaS model.

Product update video

While I've known about TextExpander for a while, I only recently started using it. I stumbled across an annoying issue when moving code snippets from Coda 2 to TextExpander.

Here's what happened

How NOT to Launch Your SaaS

TJ Luoma on the TextExpander 6 update. Along with some intriguing questions for Smile (the developers of TextExpander), he offers some good alternatives to use.

What does it solve?

Alfred 3 Sneak Peek

I'm sticking with TextExpander 5 for now, but I will say I'm excited about this teased feature from the Alfred team. Just started using it again after a glowing review from a teammate, loving it.

Snippet expansion, please

Behind the Scenes of the Chimp Essentials Launch

I love this email from Paul Jarvis, breaking down how he launched his recent course on using MailChimp. I'm a sucker for an inside peek at tools and logistics, and he reveals pretty much everything.

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