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New Year. New goals. New mindset? 

Some of you will know that I published a book mid December, 'Discovering Hope.' Inspired by my conversations with all of you, repeatedly I listened to the challenges you face, caused either by too much work or too little and/or caused by virtual working, I felt I had to do more/try and help and share the collective thinking I've accrued  through first hand experience through my career.

Systemic pressure can wear any of us down and ultimately, it will impact how we show up and professionally, it can negatively impact the quality of our thinking/solution delivery. This  is a real issue if you're paid by an employer/client's to provide solutions!

What's Needed?

The way to keep your job (and sanity) will derive from focusing on what you can control in your life (at and away from work) versus everything else happening out there!

'Discovering Hope' includes many techniques I use to keep a positive/can do mentality. These ideas have sustained me working in what has been a brutal environment as a headhunter and coach. The point is, whether we know it or not, even positive people need to work at staying positive.Positivity comes from taking a number of daily proactive actions, these the book focuses on.

We're all 'hoping' for more normal times, the point is, hope alone doesn't cut it, take proactive 'action' in any situation and you will feel empowered if not, better than you did!

For more detail on how to purchase a book reviewed as a 'book of positivity,' and for fresh weekly ideas go to,

Positive Start to 2021 - Taking the pressure off for a moment. A number of you have already got proactive and I'm pleased to say the market outlook feels that way too. In the first weeks of 2021, I've had many more employers wanting to talk with me about you! 

Positive and hopeful years ahead, to all of you. 






''Discovering Hope' - Maintaining a positive mental outlook. What's the optimal way? 

Amazon -  (Kindle $4.99)

Barnes & Noble - (Paperback $6.99)

Job Opportunities 1/25/21

If you know of anyone looking for full time or part time work, some of the below opportunities are full time and some temp to perm.

 1. BO/NY/CH - Director Data/CRM Strategy - >200K.creative a 

 2. NY/AT - Director Integrated Strategy - >170K  creative a     

 3. SF - Director Strategy, Btob focus - >180K - creative a           

 4. Nashville - VP Integrated Planning - >200+ - media/pr             

 5. NY EVP Strategy - >250 - pr

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