Program is run at Peakhurst and Bella Vista Term 2 for Children aged 6-8 & 9-11


Stop, Think, Do 

(6-8yrs, 9-11yrs)  


Program Details

This structured 9 week program develops emotional and social intelligence in children and adolescents. The focus is on social skills training, behaviour management and motivational learning. Through practicing to stop, think and do over and over again in their social interactions, children develop self-discipline, self- control, self-esteem, self-confidence, maturity, respect, empathy, independence and responsibility.      

Children with social or behavioural concerns can often be stuck at one of these steps.

  • Dependent, immature children are often stuck at STOP as they tend not to think or do much for themselves.
  • Shy, anxious children are stuck at THINK as they often think too much about what could happen.
  • Impulsive, aggressive children are stuck at DO because they do and do and rarely stop to think.


The program aims to train all children to move through all steps with positive feedback, self esteem enhancement and support from adults and peers.


Topics covered in the program include:- Self control; Feelings; Cognitive problem solving; Consequential thinking; Decision making; Choice making and Behavioural skills.


Groups will consist of 6-8 children.


Cost of program: $299


Dates & Times:  Thursdays from 3rd May - 28 June (9 weeks)

  • 6-8 year olds: 4-5pm
  • 9-11 year olds: 5-6pm

Locations:   Learning Links Bella Vista  and Peakhurst centres


02 8525 8222.