NEWS Issue #3 | November 2018

Kylie Bickle, Code Series Cuffs, Kangaroo Leather. Photo: Louis Lim.


If you are new to Onesapce, welcome! If you know us well, thank you for all of your support this year so far, we love seeing our community and following grow each year.

Enjoy a read about a few of our recent exhibitions, some stellar achievements by local artists, exciting events that you might have missed, a few events to keep an eye out for and even a little sneak peek into our program for 2019.



On Saturday 8 December 2018, Onespace is very pleased to launch an exciting collection of digital fine art prints, Onespace Afterimage Editions 2018, as part of Onespace Pop Up: Art + Design.

Pop Up events allow artists and designers with small creative business brands to showcase their work in a unique environment outside of traditional retail or market style set up. Selected artists are presented here with the opportunity to interact directly with their customers. The more personal format allows for further conversations about their craft, processes and inspirations.

Our Pop Up encourages the purchase of genuine, hand-made products where the artist/designer has been involved from beginning to end. These works are often investment pieces, offering the collector a form of artistic appreciation and the opportunity to own a ‘one of a kind’ object.

The 2018 collection comprises a number of works by contemporary Queensland and Australian artists who featured in our program this year. The 2018 collection, reflects a broad range of imagery and concerns. The collection showcases themes such as retro-pop, contemporary Indigenous practice, political commentary, photograms, text works and exquisite sculptural forms. This Collection will appeal to a diverse range of art buyers - from the international art museum aficionado to the discerning local collector.

Afterimage Editions - 2018 Collection will be on display from December 7 - 22, 2018, reopening January 14 - 26, 2019

EXHIBITION DATES: December 7 - December 22, 2018

SUNSET SHOPPING DRINKS: Saturday, 8 December, 2018, from 6:30pm



Sarah Rayner, Flowerbones

In September Onespace Gallery presented Flowerbones by Sarah Rayner, an incredibly intricate collection of individual porcelain pieces.

Rayner believes that "porcelain has a duality, fragility and strength with an almost bone like quality". Inspired by the structures found in the reproductive organs of native plants, the work provides many hidden details - tiny, beautiful clefts and crevices and a speckling of fine pinholes which drew the viewer closer in for a more intimate experience.

If you missed this truly breathtaking show, view the exhibition online here.


Sarah Rayner, The Gynoecium Collection, 2018, Installation of 50 individual components (37 works), rusted steel tables, 4350mm x 470mm x 950mm with cotton rag paper base. Photo: Carl Warner.

Elisa Jane Carmichael Launches Second Solo

"Words, images and sculptures overlap as lines of verse become titles of artworks and share a ‘time travel’ conversation between artist, ancestors, and country. We, the viewers, are embraced by the exchange. Art that is so deeply invested in sharing and connecting is infectiously inclusive."

- Sally Butler (University of Queensland), catalogue essay, 2018

On Friday, November 9 Onespace Gallery launched Elisa Jane Carmichael's second solo exhibition, Will we swim together tomorrow through the Saltwater waves?

Will we swim together tomorrow through the Saltwater waves? coincides with her inclusion in APT9 at QAGOMA and honours the natural elements of Quandamooka country which have formed the environment for thousands of years. Through paintings and woven media, Elisa Jane Carmichael reflects on visual ancestral experiences of Quandamooka Bujong Djara (Mother Earth) to share the beauty, power, and importance of Minjerribah yesterday, today and tomorrow, ngayigany, ngayiganya, ngayigawa (seen, seeing, will see).

To read the poem and find out more about her work click here.


L-R: Alicia Hollier, John Stafford, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Sonja Carmichael and Jodie Cox. Photo: Funky Munky


Sebastian Moody - Sunlounge, Burnett Lane

In October this year Brisbane Open House launched their 9th Festival, a series of events and activations that aim to celebrate Brisbane's architecture and offer a behind-the-scenes look into the hidden gems of our city's urban environment.

In collaboration with Cox Architects as part of the Brisbane Open House Laneway Activation, Sebastian Moody developed an interactive text artwork titled Sunlounge. Throughout the Brisbane Open House weekend, visitors to Burnett Lane were invited to lounge, chat and develop their own, unique poems using the words as blocks.

Brisbane Open House Laneway Activation was supported by Urban Design - Brisbane City Council to activate Burnett Lane from Saturday October 13 to Sunday October 14, 2018.

View all works currently available by Sebastian Moody here.


Sebastian Moody, Sunlounge, 2018. Burnett Lane, as part of Brisbane Open House Laneway Activation, 2018.
Photo: Alanna McTierman. Courtesy of Brisbane City Council.

Elisa Jane Carmichael - AdornCaboolture Regional Gallery

Elisa Jane Carmichael has been invited to exhibit 5 objects as part of Adorn, a group exhibition hosted by the Caboolture Regional Gallery highlighting significant adornments owned by 10 Australian artists, creatives and educators. Each adornment Elisa Jane Carmichael has chosen to include is an emodiment of her personality and passion, each piece will provide a special insight into Carmichael's artistic practice and personal histories. 

Adorn aims to examine the motivating factors behind the selection of objects used to adorn oneself and what these objects reveal about ourselves. The objects in this exhibition defy the phenomenon of fast fashion and relentless consumption; their importance lingers.

Adorn features the personal stories and stylings of Bianca Bulley, Mel Brady, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Deborah Fisher, Andrea Higgins, Elizabeth Kingston, Bianca Mavrick, Cynthia Morton, Grace Oryem, Kaye Parish.

By the sea is one of the adornments Elisa Jane will have on display, this piece was in response to Akubra’s being recognised as one of Australia’s key forms of fashion. This hat was woven to  acknowledge weaving practices as a significant part of Australian dress history. 

Opening Event: Saturday December 1, 2018 - from 10:30am. 

Exhibition Dates: December 1, 2018 - February 6, 2019

For more information or to RSVP to the opening event click here.


Elisa Jane Carmichael, By the sea, 2018, Raffia, rope, sea rope, twine, wire and fish scales, 40 x 40 x 15cm
Photo: Louis Lim

Brian Robinson - 2018 Australian Print Triennial

Brian Robinson was recently invited to co-present workshops with master printmaker, Theo Tremblay, at The Australian Print Triennial. The Triennial, held in Mildura, Victoria, is a major international art event spearheaded by The Art Vault. Bringing together artists, academics, arts ambassadors and practising printmakers from Australia and overseas to engage in a celebration of art printmaking and its significance in modern Australia’s Art’s culture.

Robinson, alongside 8 other artists, were invited to travel to the edge of the outback to respond and sketch the Mungo landscape. These prints were then displayed as part of the major exhibition marking the 2nd Australian Print Triennial.

Brian speaks highly of his experience and was very pleased to be included in this year's program:

"It was an honour to be chosen to host a workshop based around Indigenous Breast Plates in collaboration with Theo Tremblay and to have the opportunity to develop a presentation on Indigenous printmaking practice from the Indigenous perspective."
- Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson is also respresented by Mossenson Galleries.


Brian Robinson and Theo Tremblay presenting Inside Out: revisiting Indigenous Breast Plates (Revelations of the Heart)

Nicola Moss - Breathing in Trees, HOTA (Home of the Arts - Gold Coast)

In October Onespace Gallery was pleased to work with Diana Warnes (Head of Curatorial Projects - HOTA) on the presentation of Nicola Moss’ latest body of work, Breathing in trees, exploring the innate human desire to connect with nature.

Breathing in trees is a delicate observation of the intertwined relationship between the human experience, the built environment and urban green spaces.

In writing about this body of work, Louise Martin-Chew states:

“Breathing in Trees accepts that change is inevitable and notes the beauty in what exists. This exhibition shows her careful attention to “listening” to the language of trees.”

- Louise Martin-Chew, catalogue essay, 2018

View these rich mixed media works online here.


Nicola Moss, Tokyo wild – The world feels safer, 2018, Synthetic polymer paint, assorted papers, lino cut and collagraph prints, oil pastel, frottage, pigmented ink and matte varnish on stretched linen.
150 x 200cm. Photo: Carl Warner. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.


Zoe Porter - Beyond Reason, QUT Art Museum

Zoe Porter, opened Onespace Gallery's 2018 program with an onsite project followed by her solo exhibition, Penumbra, which featured a body of work exploring the continual flux of human identity and connections with the animal world.

This Friday 16 November, QUT Art Museum launches Beyond Reason: Exploring the logic of the Imagination, an 'exhibition of works that venture into the fairytale, the absurd, masquerade, animal/human transformation, theatre, satire, anti-fashion and parody'. Zoe Porter features in this exhibition with a collaborative video work and a large scale mural titled Giantess.

Onespace Gallery will be featuring Giantess as a limited edition print in December as part of our Afterimage Editions - 2018 Collection. Keep an eye out for updates online as we reveal the new collection soon.

QUT Art Museum: Beyond Reason

If you missed Zoe's exhibition, Penumbra view the exhibition online.


Zoe Porter, Giantess (progess image), 2018. Located at QUT Art Muesum, as part of Beyond Reason.

Deb Mostert - Australien Future: Tales of Migration

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

Deb Mostert's latest exhibition, Australien Future: Tales of Migration, is inspired by her discovery of film footage taken by her Gradfather on board a migrant ship from Holland destined for Australia in 1955.

Mostert presents a body of work made up of painting and sculptural pieces that explore parallels between her family history and the migration stories of the waders that visit our shores every year. Australien Future raises conversation about attitudes to different migrations and why some people and birds are more vulnerable than others.

Opening Event: Friday 7 December, 2018 - 6:30pm

Exhibition Dates: 9 December, 2018 - 20 January, 2019

Read more about the artist and Australien Future online here.
Deb Mostert is represented by Lorraine Pilgrim.


Deb Mostert, Hurry up and wait - Godwits (detail), 2018, oil on canvas. Image: Courtesy of the artist.


QUT Art Museum collects Elisa Jane Carmichael

QUT Art Museum recently acquired both the Can we see the burst of colours of the wildflowers amongst the landscape? painting and correlating weave by Elisa Jane Carmichael as part of her recent solo exhibition, Will we swim together tomorrow through the Saltwater waves? currently on display at Onespace Gallery.

NGV Acquires works by Elisa Jane Carmichael

The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) has recently acquired four works by Elisa Jane Carmichael featured at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair ealier this year. The four works, Healing rock basket and three Healing rock neck adornments, are now recent additions to the National Gallery of Victoria's Collection.


Elisa Jane Carmichael, Healing rock neck adornments (detail), 2018, Unngaire, sea rope, fish scales, found materials, shell fragment, 52 x 30cm. Photo: Louis Lim


Nicola Moss, Greenspace
2 February - 2 March, 2019

February 2019 heralds the inaugural exhibition for Onespace by artist Nicola Moss. Moss brings her City and Nature project to the gallery, examining a changing ecology – a place where town planning, heritage and personal aesthetic, mixes with maintenance regimes and a sense of well-being. Greenspace explores the inner-city Brisbane suburbs of post code 4101 – South Brisbane, West End and Highgate Hill. The work shares in local discussion, melding stories of the varied roles of greenery in our urban areas.

Moss’ art practice explores the value of a healthy environment to communities and individuals, with a particular focus on the sense of well-being contact with plants can provide in our everyday lives. Her paper-based works resonate with ideas around themes of identity, lifestyle and sustainability. Ultimately her investigation asks: What value do plants and green space provide in our everyday lives? What may the future of green space in Brisbane look like?

ONExchange | Nicola Moss and Diana Warnes In Conversation:
Saturday 2 February, 4:15pm

Opening Event: Saturday 2 February, 2019 from 5-7pm

Exhibition Dates: February 2 - March 2

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about Greenspace in the new year.

Click here to view works that are currently available by Nicola Moss.


Nicola Moss, I need some green in my house, 2018, Synthetic polymer paint, lino cut, collagraph and relief prints, and matte varnish on papers on stretched linen, 132 x 92cm.
Photo: Carl Warner. Courtesy of the artist and Onespace Gallery.


Brontë Naylor
Rise & Fall, 2017

Acrylic on Belgian linen
45 x 55cm


Photo: Louis Lim


Sarah Rayner
Flowerbone #6, 2018

Hand carved porcelain


Photo: Carl Warner


Leigh Schoenheimer
The Ark, 2017

Timber, found objects, painted bamboo, recycled laminex and acrylic


Photo: courtesy of the artist