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I don't normally go beyond my once-a-week e-mail newsletter, but I wrote something this morning that I think will help you a lot.

So, it's the start of a new week and if you're like 99% of the population you have a shitload of things to do. Some of the things you should do are fun and you're passionate about it, but some other stuff are just downright shitty and (if you are like me) you're procrastinating (like a boss!) on those to do's.

For me, that normally involves any kind of DIY project at home. I hate it.

But procastination never helps the situation and I've had to learn to just get shit done as quickly (and painlessly) as possible. So I created a little framework - with 5 techniques - to help me beat procrastination (and my to do list) into submission.

Read my "Beating Procrastination" Framework (and get shit done)

I hope this kicks off your week to be an awesome one (which includes a smashing of your To Do list).



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