Hey ,

So my newsletter took an "enforced" break last week, as we released the brand new version of PublicBeta. That's basically my way of saying that I'm not super-human and that I didn't muster the time or energy to write my weekly newsletter as well. :)

(And yes, these newsletter are handwritten - on the day - by yours truly.)

The thing I want to talk to you about is actually related to that new version of PublicBeta... When we were working on the new version, we had a long discussion about what our primary messaging should look like and we ultimately decided to go with "Does the startup rollercoaster suck at times?".

The fantastic thing about that was that we immediately got so many "Yes!" responses and those responses have lead to new (paid) members joining the community. That's been the case throughout the week.

Based just on that feedback loop, I'd have to say that it's been a great week where all of my wildest expectations had been exceeded. Yet, as I found everything going up, I felt emotions and thought about things that pulled me down.

Every one of these emotions, questions or concerns that have been lingering in my head in the last week probably deserves a blog post (or newsletter) of its own. But as the week has progressed (with all the business metrics shooting through the roof), these are the things that have been mulling around in my head:

  • Fuck, I'm so tired. And I have so much to do still.
  • Did I make a mistake by immediately starting work on PublicBeta after leaving WooThemes? Maybe I should've taken a month or two off first?
  • Don't be silly Adii, you can't take a holiday for more than 7 days before you start missing your work.
  • Also, why are you thinking of these things? Everything is going so well and you should just be excited. (Which should help with the adrenaline to get more done & JFDI.)
  • Okay, I see all the good metrics, but maybe we're not growing fast enough. We're still not cash-flow positive you know...

And that list continues...

I think there's only one reason that I feel this way: whatever goes up, has to come down. That's the very nature of being an entrepreneur and whilst you are in startup-mode (versus having a mature business), the cycle between up & down is much shorter.

The answer is obviously more nuanced than that and some of those concerns or question aren't completely irrational or unfounded.

What has helped me though, is to know that I'm not alone. Every entrepreneur in the world has experienced similar emotions than I have. Maybe not exactly the same, but similar enough.

And that makes me glad I'm working on PublicBeta. I said it in the beginning: I'm working on PublicBeta to scratch my own itch.

In the last week, I just realized again that this has never been more true and that I need PublicBeta in my life.



PS. We've started adding new members to PublicBeta again. If any of you are keen to join, I'd love to extend an exclusive discount (available to subscribers to my newsletter only) to join up. Just reply to this e-mail and ask me. :)

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