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IP69K - High Pressure, High Temperature Wash-Down Protection

IP69K - High Pressure, High Temperature Wash-Down Protection

Moltec is pleased to announce our entire fitting program offers the highest degree of ingress protection!

To complement our previously approved sizes NW07 (1/4”) through NW29 (1”), we now have IP69K certification for sizes NW36 (1-1/4”) and NW48 (1-1/2”).

IP69K is the industry standard for protecting electrical installations against rigorous high pressure, high temperature wash-down processes. Our standard IP68 fittings achieve the IP69K rating without the use of extra components, accessories or modifications. This ensures you receive optimal performance without complicated or expensive upgrades:

• Maximum water protection from pressure/steam jets up to 100 Bar (1450 psi)
• No added cost
• No extra components required

The Ingress Protection rating is internationally recognized for categorizing the level of protection provided by a given component according to IEC standard 60529 / DIN 40050. Each value on the scale refers to the level of protection offered by a given part in preventing the penetration of foreign solid and liquid matter. As the number in the scale increases, so does the level of protection. This helps users select appropriate products for their application needs.

Ingress Protection (IP) According to EN 60529 / DIN 40050


Testing was performed by spraying the fittings with pressurized hot water at a temperature of 176°F (80°C) from a distance of 6” (150 mm). Spraying was continuous for 30 seconds at angles of 90°, 60°, 30° and 0° and at a pressure of 100 Bar (1450 psi).

Moltec fittings deliver the utmost ingress protection against high pressure water jet and steam cleaning systems.

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