Sharing My Favorite Links
Learning about email design and marketing can be tricky. There are a ton of resources out there, but a lot of them are outdated, poorly written, or just plain wrong.
Which is why I decided to throw together a resources page of all of my favorite bookmarks. Filled with blogs, people, tutorials, and code, it’s a fantastic starting point for digging deeper into email design. Interested in who I follow and what I read? Check out my new resources page.
Did I miss any? Let me know ≫
Things of Interest
Front-End Masters Workshop
By Me
I’m very excited to be doing a responsive email workshop with Front-End Masters. Interested in over seven hours of email design theory and application? Register now ≫
Lettering is Not Type
By Stephen Coles
Now for some tough love. Any field has a proper terminology generally accepted by its professionals. Using the wrong words doesn’t just make you look silly or inexperienced; it doesn’t just irritate the nitpicky nerds; it deprives you from getting the most from typography. Read it ≫
The Future of Email Marketing
By Dan Bruce
Not sure if I agree with every point on this list (especially Grid View becoming hugely popular), but here’s an interesting look at some developing trends in the email space. Read it ≫
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