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14/05 Lectures and workshops - Green building: Innovative materials in construction

How to use innovative materials in construction. 18 different speakers will present their view on green building materials: construction methods, calculation tools, workshops etc.

Free attendance, but compulsory registration.
Program and practical information: website Syntra West.

Organised by ZonneWinDT vzw, Syntra West, RESOC Westhoek, het Steunpunt Duurzaam Wonen en Bouwen van Provincie West-Vlaanderen.

27/05/2014 Conference - Natural Fibres for architects

An ecological and innovative alternative.

During this day the use of the natural fibers in building materials will be explained, with a technical as well as creative point of view, notably through the testimonies of various architects presenting realizations and techniques of implementation.
Their performances (insulation, fire behavior, etc.) will be presented to make participants aware of the use of fibers such as linen and hemp in construction.

Free attendance, but compulsory registration: secretariat@ecoconstruction.be.

ADRESS: Moulins de Beez - rue Moulins de Meuse 4 - 5000 Namen
PROGRAM: http://clusters.wallonie.be/ecoconstruction

Enquiry: Building with hemp and flax

We would like to know what you think of building with hemp and flax. This would help get a better understanding of the current position of hemp and flax based building materials.

Fill in the survey on our website. It will take only a few minutes of your time.

Curious about our mobile exhibition?

We've posted a movie and photos on our website about our mobile exhibition. You can watch it here.
If you’re interested to book our mobile exhibition at your event, contact info@grow2build.eu.