We hope the summer or dry season break has brought you inspiration and good energy to face inevitable challenges to start projects and to find new partners to leverage key initiatives. Innovations and findings daily arise such as the use of spirulina. Spirulina is indeed promissing as it offers a solution for nutrition (with high return from small-scale crop), CO2 absorption and oxygen production, it is good for livelihood development and environmental mitigation. The Made in Africa is true but should still be scale-up and generalized to all sectors. The appetite for impact investments in Africa is growing and the Africa Investment Report 2015 Africa shows that FDI into Africa increased by 64 percent to $87bn. The commitment from the Japan cooperation in Africa constitutes an other sign of the important role the Continent will play in the world in the coming years. Thanks to all our stakeholders who support our matchmaking initiatives and projects! New joiners are welcome as the number of demands to address and the win-win potential including the artistic one, are quasi-unlimited and indispensable for stability.


TICAD VI, the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development this 27 and 28 August 2016 in Nairobi : Focusing on newly emerging development challenges in Africa including in supporting business development.


African teams defied all expectations at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, winning a total of 45 medals from 11 winning countries, making it the continent’s most successful  http://qz.com/765598/despite-hurdles-rio-2016-olympics-are-africas-best/


The 5th edition of the IPA, Innovation Prize for Africa Gaborone, Botswana, has hosted the award ceremony that recognizes innovation in the health areas (malaria and aids prevention and care) : congratulations to the winners, laureates and organizers! 

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FABRICA DE SABAO, a unique multifunctional hub in the suburb of Luanda, Angola designed by the African Innovation Foundation africainnovation.org


Contribution to the LFFO Mag & Panel on family office investment & climate change impacts, June 2016

Foreign investors are a growing force in the economic transformation of Africa, a role that is expanding beyond the traditional focus on energy, mining and raw materials.


'They Drink It in the Congo' Is a Play Trying to Do Something Good About Something Bad www.almeida.co.uk

FNB JoburgArtFair the first contemporary arts landscape in Africa from 9-11 September 2016  fnbjoburgartfair.co.za

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Sustainable Economy, a solution to stability