Newsletter - August 2019

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Welcome to the August 2019 newsletter! This month we have a special edition of the newsletter for you, focused on interventions for developmental and acquired disorders of speech. The papers included in this edition cover interventions for apraxia, articulation, dysarthria, phonology, and speech perception.

To find more references in this area, a simple keyword search using inverted commas will search for an exact phrase (e.g. “speech sound disorder”). From the advanced search page, a range of speech conditions can be selected from the ‘Speech Pathology Practice Area’ dropdown menu.

Below is a list of some of the more recent SLP intervention research in this area.

Latest publications

Paediatric speech
Cleland J, Scobbie JM, et al (2019) Enabling New Articulatory Gestures in Children With Persistent Speech Sound Disorders Using Ultrasound Visual Biofeedback

Coufal K, Parham D, et al (2018) Comparing Traditional Service Delivery and Telepractice for Speech Sound Production Using a Functional Outcome Measure

Furlong L, Morris M, et al (2018) Mobile apps for treatment of speech disorders in children: An evidence-based analysis of quality and efficacy OPEN ACCESS

Namasivayam AK, Pukonen M, et al (2019) Investigating intervention dose frequency for children with speech sound disorders and motor speech involvement

Pennington L, Stamp E, et al (2019) Internet delivery of intensive speech and language therapy for children with cerebral palsy: a pilot randomised controlled trial OPEN ACCESS

Preston JL, McAllister T, et al (2019) Remediating Residual Rhotic Errors With Traditional and Ultrasound-Enhanced Treatment: A Single-Case Experimental Study

Thomas DC, McCabe P, et al (2018) Combined clinician-parent delivery of rapid syllable transition (ReST) treatment for childhood apraxia of speech

Westberg LR, Santamarta LH, et al (2019) Speech outcome in young children born with unilateral cleft lip and palate treated with one- or two-stage palatal repair and the impact of early intervention

Wood SE, Timmins C, et al (2019) Use of electropalatography in the treatment of speech disorders in children with Down syndrome: a randomized controlled trial

Adult speech
Higgins AN, Richardson KC, (2019) The Effects of a Choral Singing Intervention on Speech Characteristics in Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease: An Exploratory Study

Ramig L, Halpern A, et al (2018) Speech treatment in Parkinson's disease: Randomized controlled trial (RCT) OPEN ACCESS

Roggeman S, Truyers C, et al (2019) Constrained-induced dysarthria therapy: Case report OPEN ACCESS

Terband H, Coppens-Hofman MC, et al (2018) Effectiveness of speech therapy in adults with intellectual disabilities

Vogel AP, Stoll LH, et al (2019) Speech treatment improves dysarthria in multisystemic ataxia: a rater-blinded, controlled pilot-study in ARSACS

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