The hunt for the freshest spring recipes starts here.
The hunt for the freshest spring recipes starts here.
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Spring is here. And with it, a spring in our step. Take in the fresh air, fresh flavours, and fresh ideas from our new Easter menu. From tender roast lamb to exquisite brunch ideas, these recipes are just the thing to inspire your inner chef and delight those in your household. Spring into the new season and get ready for your tastiest Easter yet.
Close up of two lamb chops atop roasted vegetables.
Spring is in the air, and on the table
For a taste of tradition, set your Easter table with this Butter Braised Rack of Lamb. Tender, flavourful, butter-braised lamb is basted with roasted garlic and rosemary and served on a bed of garden-fresh peas and mint. Served with sourdough crostini on the side, it’s the perfect dish for this year’s smaller gatherings.
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Close up of cinnamon rolls on a tabletop.
Where the bunny trail leads
For our beloved bakers. Put together your Easter brunch with these pull-apart rolls. This gourmet recipe features a melt-in-your-mouth sponge and buttery dough laden with a chunky apple chutney in a sticky maple sugar. Serve at your long weekend brunch, or with afternoon tea or coffee. These rolls can make any day feel special.
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Close up of Zucchini Corn Pancakes plated with a side salad.
Let there be brunch
Special weekend, special brunch. These savoury Coconut Flour Zucchini Corn Pancakes will start your Sunday with style. They’re also vegetarian and gluten free. The pancake features zucchini, corn and feta with fresh basil and mint. Topped with a poached egg and smothered in a rich Hollandaise sauce, they’re just the thing to welcome spring.
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Gay Lea Specialty Butter packages: Grass-Fed Salted butter, Sea Salted butter, and Garlic Parsley butter.
The cream of the cream of the cream
Our specialty butters bring more to the table with a depth of flavour and texture. Try Sea Salted 84% with a higher butterfat content, Grass-Fed Salted and Unsalted with a distinct yellow colour and unforgettably rich flavour, and Garlic Parsley with pure ingredients that bring the best out of every dish.
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Overhead shot of a table filled with different types of foods, from various cultures, being served.
A globally inspired Easter meal
With many of us dreaming of the day we can travel again, this Easter is the perfect time to infuse some worldliness into our household celebrations. A fun way to do this is by incorporating global culinary traditions into our Easter meal. This story looks at three different countries’ Easter foods, with recipe suggestions that make it easy to integrate them into your family celebration.
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Checkout how we’re getting greener.
As part of Gay Lea Foods’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, we will be transitioning towards paperless couponing. Instead of a printable eNewsletter coupon, moving forward we’ll be offering more coupons through the Checkout 51 App. By offering digital coupons instead of the printed option, Gay Lea Foods is saving almost 3,000 pounds of paper each year.
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