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Further to our last update on the AWA® China digital media launch and other activities in China, here’s an overview on the Australian Wild Abalone® presence at Seafood Expo Asia this year!


Australian Wild Abalone® makes an impact at Seafood Expo Asia 2015!

Following the success of the Australian Wild Abalone® Stand at last year’s Seafood Expo Asia, six of the Australian Wild Abalone® exporters joined forces to showcase their products this year.  The 2015 stand was  in a prominent position, enjoying high visibility and exposure to customer traffic.

Held from 8 to10 September 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre in Wanchai, Hong Kong, this years event attracted more than 200 exhibitors and over 8,600 seafood professionals as guests.  This makes it one of the key tradeshows for buyers in the Asian region to source premium live, fresh and frozen seafood. Visitors included buyers representing multinational companies as well as thousands of independent retailers, caterers, hotels, restaurants, importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors.

This event was a great opportunity for the AWA® exporters to meet existing and potential new customers while also seeing what other seafood companies are up to!

Importantly the participating exporters all provided some positive feedback and some very important new contacts were made.  What is certain though is that the competition in the market is heating up and collaborating in these sorts of activities certainly enables us to have more impact and more visibility than is possible for individual companies. 

Going Wild at the AWA® Masterclass! 

Australian Wild Abalone® hosted a Masterclass on the first day of the expo, to profile the program, the exporters and their products.

Dean Lisson presented information about how our Australian Wild Abalones are harvested, the beautiful environment that our abalone inhabit, and our food safety and sustainability credentials, to educate our target audience about the attributes of Australian Wild Abalone® products and why they are the best choice. Dean then then handed over to Marcus Tromp who prepared 3 dishes using Australian Wild Abalone® products from Lucky Bay Seafoods and Blue Sky Fisheries in front of the audience who had the opportunity to sample them. The dishes included Steamed Dream Freeze Roei Abalone with Traditional Nigai Sauce, Canned Blacklip Abalone with Chicken, Mushroom and Oyster sauce, and Sous Vide Greenlip Abalone with Western Australian Truffle!

Marcus Tromp keeping cool in the heat of Seafood Expo Asia Masterclass  Kitchen!

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