Newsletter - October 2015

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Welcome to the October 2015 newsletter. We wanted to remind you about speechBITE's free training program which teaches you how to rate the methodological quality of speech pathology research using the PEDro-P scale. This online program includes an interactive test at the end where you can practice rating two research articles. Find out more here.

This month we are updating you on some of the new papers added to the website over the last month.

Latest publications


Baxter S, Johnson M et al (2015). The state of the art in non-pharmacological interventions for developmental stuttering. Part 1: a systematic review of effectiveness. open access


Tobin MC, Drager KD et al (2014). A systematic review of social participation for adults with autism spectrum disorders: Support, social functioning, and quality of life.

Brady NC, Storkel HL et al (2015). Investigating a Multimodal Intervention for Children With Limited Expressive Vocabularies Associated With Autism.

Koegel LK, Park MN et al (2014). Using Self-Management to Improve the Reciprocal Social Conversation of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Speech Sound Disorders in children

Cleland J, Scobbie JM et al (2015). Using ultrasound visual biofeedback to treat persistent primary speech sound disorders.

Kadis DS, Goshulak D et al (2014). Cortical Thickness in Children Receiving Intensive Therapy for Idiopathic Apraxia of Speech. open access

Murray E, McCabe P et al (2015). A Randomized Controlled Trial for Children With Childhood Apraxia of Speech Comparing Rapid Syllable Transition Treatment and the Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme–Third Edition.


Knoph MIN, Lind M et al (2015). Semantic feature analysis targeting verbs in a quadrilingual speaker with aphasia.

Hoover EL, Carney A (2014). Integrating the iPad into an Intensive, Comprehensive Aphasia Program.

Galletta EE, Vogel-Eyny A (2015). Translational treatment of aphasia combining neuromodulation and behavioral intervention for lexical retrieval: implications from a single case study. open access

AAC interventions

Shire SY, Jones N (2015). Communication Partners Supporting Children With Complex Communication Needs Who Use AAC: A Systematic Review.

Roche L, Sigafoos J et al (2015). Microswitch Technology for Enabling Self-Determined Responding in Children with Profound and Multiple Disabilities: A Systematic Review.

Meuris K, Maes B et al (2015). Teaching Adults With Intellectual Disability Manual Signs Through Their Support Staff: A Key Word Signing Program.

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