Newsletter - August 2018

Hi there,

Welcome to the August newsletter! This month we have a special edition of the newsletter for you with the spotlight on dose.

To find more research relating to dose on speechBITE, try a keyword search on dose, dosage or "treatment intensity" from the homepage.

Listed below are some of the recent research studies in this area.


Latest publications


Efstratiadou EA, Papathanasiou I et al. (2018). A Systematic Review of Semantic Feature Analysis Therapy Studies for Aphasia

Gravier ML, Dickey MW et al. (2018). What Matters in Semantic Feature Analysis: Practice-Related Predictors of Treatment Response in Aphasia.

Knollman-Porter K, Dietz A et al. (2018). Intensive Auditory Comprehension Treatment for Severe Aphasia: A Feasibility Study.

Kurland J, Liu A et al. (2018). Effects of a Tablet-Based Home Practice Program With Telepractice on Treatment Outcomes in Chronic Aphasia.

Marcotte K, Laird L et al. (2018). Therapy-Induced Neuroplasticity in Chronic Aphasia After Phonological Component Analysis: A Matter of Intensity.

Stark BC, & Warburton EA. (2018). Improved language in chronic aphasia after self-delivered iPad speech therapy.

Developmental Language Disorder/Language Disorder

Balthazar CH, & Scott CM. (2018). Targeting Complex Sentences in Older School Children With Specific Language Impairment: Results From an Early-Phase Treatment Study.

Goldstein H, Kelley E et al. (2016). Embedded Instruction Improves Vocabulary Learning During Automated Storybook Reading Among High-Risk Preschoolers.

Lopata C, Thomeer ML et al. (2015). RCT examining the effect of treatment intensity for a psychosocial treatment for high-functioning children with ASD.


Fu S, Theodoros D et al. (2016). Long-term effects of an intensive voice treatment for vocal fold nodules.


Wambaugh JL, Nessler C et al. (2017). Effects of Blocked and Random Practice Schedule on Outcomes of Sound Production Treatment for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: Results of a Group Investigation.

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