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Mary Lowas-Rzechonek

September is here! With 8 Django Girls scheduled workshops, it's going to be an amazing month.

This Django Girls Dispatch includes some big news from August: Django Girls officially became a charity and the Django Girls Support team (us!) are making more efforts to increase transparency.  We also want your thoughts on whether or not we should open up the Slack channel to the broader community.

Kasia, Lacey, Geoff, Ania, Baptiste, Ola & Ola


Django Girls Foundation: It's Official 

On August 24th, 2015, a new charity was born: the Django Girls Foundation of Awesome, Cupcakes, and Emoji. 🐶

Registered in the United Kingdom to protect and advance the Django Girls initiative, you can read more about the Django Girls foundation on our website.

YAY: DGF 🎉 👏


More Transparency

As Django Girls has grown faster than anyone imagined, staying true to its values of transparency and grassroots leadership has been a challenge.

Read the Support Team's full reflections on transparency in the blog post and tell us how we can make more improvements in the future. ✨


Slack: to open or not to open? 

The Django Girls Slack channel is currently limited to organizers, coaches and contributors only.

We would like to broaden access to our Slack channel while also preserving a safe space for current users to discuss things that are important for them.

Please fill out this survey to help us make a decision!


Pixel Heart Stickers

We have just released pixel heart stickers on our stickermule store - check them out!

There are Django Girls and Yay stickers too \o/


What Exactly is the "Support Team"?

Who answers emails that are sent to hello@djangogirls.org? Who keeps the website running? How are decisions made in the Django Girls organization?

Django Girls is still a relatively young organization and we're still figuring out a lot of things but we've tried to document our current processes on our public wiki.


Patreon Confetti Rewards

We like to thank our generous Patreon supporters from all over the world and the results are often delightful 🎉📫.

If you want to get some Django Girls goodies in your mail box every three months, come support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/djangogirls.


Recent Django Girls events

Argentina en Python pulled off an impressive feat in August: organizing two Django Girls events in three weeks! Check out some pictures from the Santa Cruz, Bolivia workshop on August 29th and the (Spanish) video they created from the Cochabamba, Bolivia workshop.

Django Girls Santa Cruz


Latest Django Girls Story


Meet Michela Dai Zovi

I chose Django for my specific project because it has a large, vibrant, community and I was confident that it would be easy to find any answers that I needed.

read the interview at our blog


We want to hear from you! ❤️

Do you have anything amazing to share? Anything we should totally add to our next dispatch? Click the "reply" button and drop us a note :)!

Make September special!