Sparkin - Moving You Forward January 2018
Stuart Parkin
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Job Security - Do We Ever Have it?

Client losses, mergers, bankruptcies....they can all take down the most talented of professionals, even if they have been performing.

In the face of often uncontrollable risks there is only one thing to do; Proactively take responsibility for your career and not simply when you need a new job.

The easiest path to enhancing job security is to do a great job. This is easiest to do when you're , in the right environment, using your strongest skills and experiences, behind a mission you believe in and with the right management and team support. 

Being in the 'right' job at any time requires on-going self awareness of the contribution you are making; This will allow you to better manage your prospects.

Given what can go wrong even when you are performing, it's key that you have an eye to the future and invest time in understanding what you do truly well and where you add value. This will in turn reveal any number of other career areas where your skills are readily transferrable. This in itself is empowering, as for true job security, do we ever have it? 

I'm looking forward to talking to you about your current and future career plans. What do you think is the biggest threat to your job security?


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