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Designing the Newsletter

As someone who makes their living primarily from writing (words and code), I love seeing new apps pop up that help writers work better. The new kid, Desk, is not only beautiful and useful, but already has an entire community built up around it full of writers ready to share tips and support each other. 

I had the chance to help Desk's sole developer, John, redesign the community newsletter. Here's a quick look at the process. 

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Things of Interest
Book Review: Responsible Responsive Design
By Tim Kadlec

I've been working my way through Scott Jehl's new book, Responsible Responsive Design. It's packed with useful information but, if you want a quick overview, this review from Tim Kadlec will convince you to pick it up better than I ever could. Check it out ≫

Skeleton 2.0
By Dave Gamache

Skeleton was one of my first introductions to responsive web design. After a long wait, it finally got an update. Now, it looks like one of the best lightweight CSS frameworks around. Definitely using this on my next project. Check it out ≫

Bahamas "All The Time"
By Afie Jurvanen

I've been obsessed with this video of one of my favorite musicians since it aired the other night. If you don't know about Bahamas, this is a great introduction. Check it out ≫

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