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February 2017
coal miner

PTFE Microfiltration Membrane Materials Help Save Lives

Mining is a very dangerous industry, so any opportunity to increase safety is critical.

One of our clients came asking us to convert a microfiltration membrane for them. It makes a product that measures air quality levels deep within the coal mines of America. Toxic levels of highly volatile gases that discharge from the coal during in the mining process can be deadly to the coal miners.

In days gone by, a canary in a cage would be used to detect unsafe working conditions in the mine. Now they use this …

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Highly Engineered Membrane Has Revolutionized Industry For 15+ Years

Why have car headlamps and tail lights gotten so much bigger over the years? Because of highly engineered gaskets' outgassing capabilities to create a breathable headlamp chamber that ensures no condensation on the interior of the housing. A hydrophobic PTFE membrane filter is perfect for this type of environment because it allows air to flow through which depressurizes the chamber while still repelling water.

Many heavy duty engine parts manufacturers also rely on its oleophobic properties. While oil is used to keep an engine running properly, there are areas where they do not want oil to contaminate. Having a PTFE membrane filter ensures the proper environment is maintained.

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CLARCOR Industrial Air

A Preferred Converter for PTFE Membrane Manufacturer CLARCOR

Gasket Engineering is proud to be a preferred converter for CLARCOR, a PTFE membrane manufacturer that has engineered hydrophobic and aerophobic materials for the automotive, medical, aerospace and mining industries.

Whether the need is to extend engine life by filtering contaminants from the air or liquids that move through it or whether air or liquid needs to be cleaned in order to protect a process, individual, animal or environment, CLARCOR products may be just the right solution for you!

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