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Word from the C.E. | GUEST EDITORIAL with FIBA's David Crocker | 3x3 - U18 World Champs with David Huxford | Tall Blacks Coverage - Maori TV to broadcast |  ANNUAL REPORT - BBNZ Report now Available | 200 New Coaches - the Kiwi Hoops Coach programme in 2015  | FOR ASSOCIATIONS - Outdoor Facilities Guide, Child Protection Policy, Fox Sports Pulse | CATCH UP - NZSSSC Census, NZ Select Teams, BBNZ Awards, Div 1 Scholarships, Prime Minister's Scholarships, New BBNZ Faces, Follow the teams, Codes of Conduct at BBNZ Events | FOR ATHLETES - Drug Free Sport NZ, Mouthguard Reminder, Know the Rules, Follow FIBA Oceania | NZ BASKETBALL FOUNDATION


The basketball juggernaut continues. We have already seen the WBC and the NZ NBL conclude after seasons that showed there is plenty of talent, fun and excitement in both these leagues. 

At the international level, our Tall Ferns represented their country with great skill and courage, only to get knocked out in agonising circumstances by Cuba at the Olympic qualifying tournament. Watch out for the Tall Ferns – they are looking likely to break through as something special soon! With the NZ Select team being developed in June and many of the Tall Ferns playing in strong leagues abroad, the women's game is going from strength to strength. Next up for the Tall Ferns will be the Asian Championships in 2017 – a new era for New Zealand basketball.

This month is the height of our tournament season. We'll see three national titles for both males and females to be won during July – Under 15’s, 17’s and 19’s. Plenty to watch with all semi’s and finals being live streamed on

Finally, to the Tall Blacks who will battle for a place at the Rio Olympics. Their first game starts against the Philippines tomorrow morning at 1am. They have started their preparation well by touring through Japan, China, Latvia and Lithuania. Now they are in Manila. Make sure you tune into the coverage on Maori TV – we need to show there's a big demand for the Tall Blacks on TV. If you're on social media, make sure you're following the team and sending them your support - @NZTallBlacks on Instagram or Twitter. Go the Tall Blacks! 

Iain Potter, Chief Executive, Basketball New Zealand.



FIBA's David Crocker 

"As of 2017 FIBA will be ushering in a new era for basketball. FIBA is implementing a new calendar and competition system..." More...


BBNZ 3x3 Manager, David Huxford, attended the FIBA U18 3x3 World Championships in Kazakhstan in June.

While there he met with FIBA to get an understanding of the future of 3x3 globally and how New Zealand can be involved. He also helped with team logistics on tour. Read about his insight on the BBNZ website.


Watch the Olympic Qualifier

Maori Television has come to the party and will broadcast the Tall Blacks' games in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament. First game is on 7 July at 1am (NZ Time), with coverage on Maori TV at 8:30am. More info on the games and event on the BBNZ website here... 


The Basketball NZ Annual Report is now available online...

Includes 2015 Highlights, results for national teams, leagues and tournaments. Read the report here (PDF). 


200 New Coaches 

In 2015 around 200 people completed the Kiwi Hoops Coach courses through basketball associations around New Zealand. Something that Iain Potter says is so important for the basketball as the game surges in New Zealand. More here...



Outdoor Facilities Guide

The updated Outdoor Facilities Guide is now available on our website, alongside the Indoor Facilities Guide.

Facilities are a major constraint for our sport. These documents are designed to help facilitate the funding and best use of basketball facilities. See the guides on the BBNZ website.


Child Protection Policy

All sports organisations that provide sport for young people should be fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children in their care. To help our member organisations ensure a safe environment for players and volunteers, we have created a Child Protection Policy template for members to adopt: Child Protection Policy (PDF).


Fox Sports Pulse... available for associations to help manage team registrations, league management and maintaining a comprehensive membership database. Here's a Q&A with Palmerston North Basketball Association’s Operations Manager, Helen Richardson, a proficient user of the system.


NZSSSC Figures

You may have seen reports about the census figures from the New Zealand Secondary School Sports Council that show basketball is the fastest growing sport among the top 10 New Zealand sports for participation, with an 18% increase in secondary school players between 2012 and 2015. This trend indicates basketball is increasingly becoming a sport of choice for many young New Zealanders. See the Census Reports on the NZSSSC website.



NZ Select Teams

Basketball New Zealand has announced the formation of two New Zealand Select teams, with the aim of developing a wider pool of elite New Zealand players that will back up the Tall Blacks and Tall Ferns. See the May media release on the BBNZ website.


Excellence and outstanding achievements in New Zealand basketball were recognised at the Basketball New Zealand Awards ceremony, held in Wellington in May. The winners are: 

•    Cedric Cudby Volunteer Award – Darrel Flynn-Thompson
•    Ian Goodwin Services to Officiating Award – Rae Garland
•    Carolyn Grey Female Coach of the Year – Leanne Walker
•    Keith Mair Male Coach of the Year – Anthony Corban
•    The McGloughlin Trophy Female Junior Player of the Year – Krystal Leger-Walker
•    The Ambassador Trophy Male Junior Player of the Year – Tai Wynyard
•    Female Player of the Year – Kalani Purcell
•    Male Player of the Year – Corey Webster
•    Long Service Award – Pauline Paterson (50 Years service)

Hall of Fame Inductees: Irone Brough, Zena Gay, Maurice McDougall, Allan Bruce, Brydon Harvey, Sir Lance Cross, Carolyn Grey, Steve McKean, Stan Hill, David Rout, Anita Hannen, Barry Wilson, Colin Agnew, and Cedric Cudby.
See the full report, including citations on the BBNZ website.


More DIV 1 US College Scholarships

Nelson’s Gracie Roberts and Canterbury’s Mary Goulding have just signed full scholarships with NCAA Division 1 Colleges, after they were noticed and scouted out of their first year of Junior College basketball. More here.


BBNZ receives two HPSNZ Prime Minister’s Scholarships for 2016... for Tall Blacks Head Coach Paul Henare, and a group scholarship for seven referees that toured Australia as part of the 2016 Koru Tour. More here.


New Faces at BBNZ 

Two new positions have been filled at Basketball New Zealand, with an aim to provide more service to the regions. Daniel Dawick has been promoted into the new role of Manager, Development and Technology Services. Matthew Ruscoe joined BBNZ in early May as our Regional Support Manager. More here.


The Tall Ferns and Tall Blacks are gathering steam as the schedule looks to get increasingly busy. In 2017 the teams will be coming together regularly as they fit into FIBA’s new competition calendar. To keep up with all that’s coming up for the teams, make sure you’re following their new social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter: @NZTallBlacks and @NZTallFerns. 

Follow the teams


Codes of Conduct

Basketball New Zealand has extracted three codes of behaviour from our Regulations for people who attend our events. They outline what is required of all players, coaches and spectators:




Heads up from Drug Free Sport New Zealand 

Supplement and recreational drug use is a recognised problem within sporting circles in New Zealand with a lot of athletes unaware of the dangers.
Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ) advises you to be wary of taking supplements. More here...


Mouthguard reminder

For any BBNZ run age-grade competitions (under 19’s and below), it is compulsory for all players to wear a protective mouthguard when they are on court and the game is in play.

See the BBNZ Mouthguard Policy (PDF).


Did you know...

During a dribble the ball may be thrown into the air provided the ball touches the floor or another player before the player who threw it touches it again with their hand. 

There is no limit to the number of steps a player may take when the ball is not in contact with their hand. So in effect a player can throw the ball over their opponent’s head, run around the opponent and regain the ball.  The exception to this however, is to deliberately leave the court to get around the opponent.  To deliberately leave the court to gain an advantage is a technical infringement.

Reference: Article 24.1.2


World Masters Games SIGN UP A TEAM 

Are you over 30 years of age and keen on playing basketball? The World Masters Games is coming to Auckland in April 2017. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of a world-class event on your doorstep. Sign up as an individual or a team now on the World Masters Games' Website.


Following FIBA in Oceania

FIBA Oceania is committed to facilitating the growth of its 22 National Basketball Federations from all over Oceania. Their mission is to develop and promote the game of basketball, uniting the wider basketball community, which counts more than 450 million players and fans. To keep up-to-date with all FIBA events and Oceania basketball, subscribe to the FIBA Oceania Newsletter by emailing FIBA – Oceania Communications Officer, Luke Shelley with your full name.
Previous Oceania news can be found on FIBA's website here.


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