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Monthly Newsletter | May 2016



Sirisha Narayana received the Clinical Faculty Teaching Award from the UCSF School of Medicine Class of 2016. 

Meet Robin Goldman

Global Health Fellow

Kara Bischoff

Other News

The following are the FY17 recipients of DHM internal grants for innovative, focused, and achievable proposals that are expected to make significant contributions and advance the careers of the faculty members involved:

Aylin Ulku and Ari Hoffman: a  grant entitled, “Striving for Comprehensive Care: Improving Care and Reducing Readmission Rates for Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease,” that seeks to coordinate PCPs, hematologists, hospitalists, and patients to improve the care of patients with sickle cell disease at UCSF.

Sirisha Narayana: a grant entitled, “Longitudinal Patient Follow-Up: Improving Medical Decision-Making and Life-Long Learning Through Self-Directed Feedback,” that expands her previous work with the Internal Medicine interns to build a system where residents and faculty are able to more easily review outcomes of discharged patients and glean lessons learned. 

Sujatha Sankaran: a grant entitled, “Development of a Global Program in Lean/Kaizen,” that aims to work with the HEAL Initiative to create a curriculum and implement a pilot program for Lean-Kaizen interventions at two global sites, Liberia and tribal India.



Andy Auerbach and colleagues examine whether providing telemonitoring for patients discharged with heart failure reduced readmissions.


Niraj Sehgal and Talmadge King
describe the adoption of a QI Portfolio into the DOM Academic Advancement process.


Featured Project

Michelle Mourad and Timothy Judson's Promoting Sleep Project reduces common disruptors to encourage more sleep for patients in the hospital. 

The DHM Quality Post

Quality Post

Introducing the Inaugural Case Review Newsletter! 


Upcoming Events

Faculty Retreat | May 19, 2016 | Aldea Center | noon - 6p

DHM Year-End Celebration: Thanks and Best Wishes to Our Colleagues!  | May 27, 2016 | U107 | noon - 2p


Donna Portillo

Kathy Woo

"Donna was so kind and patient, and really put herself out to help me. I don’t know what I would have done yesterday if she hadn’t been there. I thank her for putting caring first in her day."

- UCSF Patient

Andy Lai and Manisha Israni-Jiang

"I was thoroughly impressed by the care Drs. Manisha Israni-Jiang and Andy Lai provided. They were terrific, and while I used to be skeptical of the concept of hospital medicine, they have completely turned my head around."

- Retired UCSF Neuroscience Nurse