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The Squeal Newsletter

Welcome to the New Squeal Newsletter

This is the first issue of the new version of Susquehanna Region's newsletter, The Squeal. It will be emailed to members around the middle of each month. Notifications about meetings will continue to be sent the weekend before the meeting. 

I want to thank Kristen Poole for designing this version of The Squeal and for agreeing to assume its editorship into the future. 

Steve Limbert, Regional Executive



Congratulations to Susquehanna Region's Treasurer Alan Lesher and member Brian Fisher who are both celebrating their 30th year of SCCA membership!


Join Us for

Join us for the final two autocross events of the season held on the big lot at Hershey Park on Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th. This lot is a member favorite! Registration opens a month before the event, and is limited to 150 people, so don't wait! Remember to register early to grab a spot on a fun and challenging course. 

Autocross Photo Courtesy of Doug Austin

Past Event Results
2015 Event Photos
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Rallycross Photo

Past Event Results
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Join Us for Rallycross

Come join us for one last day in the dirt!  The final rallycross event of the season is scheduled for Saturday, October 3rd at the Farm Show Elmerton lot in Harrisburg. At the last event, each participant got a whopping 13 runs! Walk-ups are allowed for this event, but save some cash and register today! 


Important Updates

Live Timing is Coming! 

We'll be introducing live timing and scoring in the not-too-distant future. During events, we will push scoring updates to our website so anyone with access to the internet can follow the progress of autocross and rallycross events. Markus Hauser is working out the details. See the meeting minutes below for additional information and watch for updates in future newsletters. 


Want to be more involved? 

Looking to get more involved with SCCA but not sure where to start? Join us for our next regional meeting (details below), or email Assistant Regional Executive Henry Brillinger for information. 


Regional Meeting Minutes

August 25, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Steve at 7:30. He talked about the death of Dennis Cipriany who was a very active member in SCCA in auto crossing, safety steward and instructing for the region. Dennis will be missed by everyone who knew him.

The last month’s minutes were approved.

Alan gave the treasure's report and the club had income from rallycross, and membership and expenses from autocross. The club is slightly down for the year because the purchase of equipment makes it look that way, but the club is in good shape.

Henry gave his report and announced that Kristen Poole has accepted the job of publishing the region newsletter, thanks. The club still has the two Facebook sites with information pertaining to autocross and rallycross, and will now also have the newsletter for region information.

Steve talked about the number of times the newsletter could be published as some of the other regions only do newsletters quarterly and it could be done for important information only. Steve thanked both of the Marks for the job of cleaning up the website.

The membership is down to 354 from last month’s 360 and Steve has been attempting to contact members who haven’t renewed to let them know in case they have forgotten.

Geoff talked about the upcoming double autocross on 9/6/15 with set up on 9/5. When setting up for the event, they will sort out the older bad cones, to give to the rallycross group for their use. Some of the regular workers will not be available to help, so if anyone would like to help out they are welcome to come out and participate, and we will also need a safety steward to approve the course. Geoff announced that Steven Ibanez will provide refreshments for the event.

Marcus talked about live results for timing. The cost is $200 for the software and hotspot and about $340 upfront cost, and $30 monthly for approximately $360 a year. Alan made a motion to approve up to $500, which was approved.

John talked about the rally cross this upcoming weekend and that it could be a little dusty but Henry has set the water truck for the event. There was discussion about the events not breaking even on cost and they don’t usually make it, but they are close. Ed asked about possibly raising the fee for entrees to break even and there was discussion that followed about that, as well as about other sites. It was pointed out that we had earlier decided to postpone the discussion about breaking even until after the season is over.

Doug reported that there is nothing new about the website. Alan talked about sponsors spots that are available for the website.

Under new business, Alan has been using his own software for doing the financial reports and asked the board to approve authorizing spending $360 to buy new software for that task. Henry made a motion to approve spending the money. All were in favor of the motion.

Doug asked about safety steward training and who might take over since the death of Dennis but no one was sure of what will happen.

Under good and welfare Charlie mentioned that the club has two new 30 year members that are Brian Fisher and Alan Lesher.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted.
Ed Womer, Secretary


Next Meeting

Tuesday, Sept. 22 • 7:30pm
A meeting of the Susquehanna Region of the Sports Car Club of America will be held in the front dining room—located to the left as you enter—at Gilligan's Bar and Grill, 987 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg, PA 17111. 



The meeting agenda will be provided to members via email the weekend prior to the meeting.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come early for dinner and conversation with our other members.


SCCA Member Spotlight

  • Name: Doug Austin
  • From: Harrisburg, PA
  • Runs: Autocross, Hillclimb
  • Drives: 1999 Mazda Miata
  • Class: ES
  • Member since: 2013

"I come from a long family history of automotive passion and mechanical engineers. Started with cars as a modification and maintenance hobby and discovered autocross in 2012. Started following autocross and started participating by late 2012. Entered to win points for H Stock in 2013 and completed in first place as points winner in H Stock for 2013 in the SUSQ club. Gearing up for more racing series including hill climbs and 24 hours of Lemons."

Photo of Doug Austin

Want to be featured in a future newsletter? 


Regional Schedule

9/22/15: Region Meeting, Gilligans
10/3/15: RX 4, Farm Show
10/24/15: AX 12, Hershey Park
10/25/15: AX 13, Hershey Park
10/27/15: Region Meeting, Gilligans
11/24/15: Region Meeting, Gilligans


2015 Officers

Regional Exec: Steve Limbert
Assistant RE: Henry Brillinger
Treasurer: Alan Lesher
Secretary: Ed Womer
Director 3 Yr: Charlie Demmy
Director 2 Yr: Markus Houser
Director 1 Yr: Geoff Craig



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