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Agency to Client-Side Means What?

Stuart Parkin

At some point many of you consider a client-side move very often hoping for decision making authority or the ability to impact brand beyond comms’, Some of your peers that have made the move to the client-side kindly told me what the key difference is working for corporate America.. A few common themes emerged:

Ownership of work – “This isn’t a business I’m dipping my toe in to for a second, I’m responsible.” (Jackie Jantos, Spotify)

Skill Recognition/Proving Yourself – “Once client-side, planning speciates pretty quickly and is very different for a number of reasons not least because of an understanding of what planners do.” (Magnus Bair, HP Enterprise)

Iterative Nature of Work v Discrete projects – “On the client-side things never seem to be done” (Scott Reddick, Charles Schwab)

Broader more complex work focus – “You need to be able to work with big business and big processes.” (Julian Cohen, Constellation Brands)

That said, what do you think?


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