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June 10, 2016
Wind Blade

Director of Sales Boyd Comfort is a guest on this week's edition of Composites Weekly, a podcast that brings the latest news and information in the world of composites to listeners, discussing new technologies & emerging markets within carbon fiber, 3-D printing and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic). This particular episode highlights how Gasket Engineering is helping customers eliminate waste, save on material shipping costs, shrink downtime and provide kitted materials exactly suited to customers' needs. You can listen to the podcast here.

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Getting It Right at One-Tenth of the Cost

Want to save money and avoid costly mistakes in the development of your parts? Then you need a strategy for your dies. While material costs are always the biggest determinant of overall cost, rotary tooling is another key expense. Click here to find out how →

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A Heritage of Rotary Expertise

Have you taken advantage of the extensive experience and customer-oriented expertise of GEC's rotary team? Did you even know they HAVE expertise in rotary cutting?

GEC has had rotary cutting capabilities since the mid-1990s. Rotary cutting is typically used for high-speed, high volume, multi layered projects that require anywhere from 2 to 7 substrates to be joined to form a part. Typically one of those substrates is an adhesive, and the other material could be anything-copper, plastic, PET for lenses or shields, breathable venting material, or silicones or other sponges. Our rotary cutting customers come to us because we are able to work with more substrates than a typical rotary cutting converter supplier. As a preferred partner for great material providers like 3M®, Rogers®, BISCO® and PORON®, we are able to put many different materials

through our rotary cutting machines. … Find out more by visiting the rotary section of our website →

Complex Rotary Cutting to Fuse Five Layers Into One

Scientific and medical lab equipment can be very complex so when one of GEC's clients needed to make a multilayered solution cup vent for one of its clients, Gasket Engineering's rotary cutting equipment allowed them to create a five-layered film that had a support layer, the vent membrane and a pressure sensitive adhesive bonded to aluminum all adhered to an easy to handle release liner. Find out how they did it by clicking here.

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