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Technical Day - 14/09/2013 - BĂ©thune (France)

On Thursday, November 14th, 2013 in Bethune, several speakers (academics, processors, end users… ) will review the sector of Flax and Hemp. This day of conferences will end with a visit of the CREPIM and a fire test on hemp concrete blocks, which will demonstrate the fire-resistance performances of this biobased insulating material.

Find more information about the conference here.

Want to know more?

Now that the project Grow2build is up and running, we'd like to present the website www.grow2build.eu. We will use the website as a focal point of all communication of the Grow2build project. For now, the website is available in Dutch and English.
The website will be regarly updated with new reports, technical data and later with a GIS-map which will help find local farmers, processors and end users.