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March 2017
GFA Semi Annual Meeting - March 2017

Innovation and the Founding of the Gasket Fabricators Association

Gasket Fabricators Association held its semi-annual meeting last week and as always, Gasket Engineering Company was there as a part of the proceedings. As a matter of fact, Gasket Engineering Company has always been a part of it.

Did you know that John Fitzgerald, one of the founders of Gasket Engineering Company was also one of the founding members of the GFA? Check out the story here

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New Manufacturer's Rep Looks For Diversified Custom Gasket Manufacturer

If you're a rep for a custom gasket manufacturer, how do you find a company that is a preferred converter for 3M as well as Rogers Poron and has diversified capabilities to meet every converting need that may arise for your customer base? That's the quest that eventually led the senior management team at Milwaukee-based HO Keuper to Gasket Engineering Company.

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GEC Precision Slitting & Rewinding

Need Precision Slitting and Rewinding Services?

At Gasket Engineering, we provide high quality custom precision slitting and rewinding services. We are your one-stop solution for your manufacturing operations. Our technologically advanced machinery allows us to perform precision slitting and rewind material to custom lengths and widths to provide optimal material usage in customer applications helping eliminate costly scrap.

Slitting is the conversion process that cuts wide rolls into narrower coils. We have several slitting services that utilize score, shear, and we can vary the length of the rewinding processes of the finished coils during slitting. The slitting methods have attributes that make them suitable for particular types of materials. You can read more about it here:

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