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September 2016

A Legacy of Automotive Expertise

At Gasket Engineering, we understand the unique needs of the automotive industry and work directly with OEM suppliers to deliver high quality parts such as vent pads, engine seals, vibration dampeners, gap fillers, protective films and more for the automotive industry. We cut materials that comply with MVS 302, as well as smoke and toxicity standards for occupied areas and our rotary capabilities allow us to manufacture "pick and place" adhesive parts for automated or manual applications.

What makes Gasket Engineering the best choice for your automotive part needs? High volume, industry expertise, and the most responsive customer service in the industry, just to name a few reasons. Read here to learn more about what we have done/can do for your automotive project.

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Tight Tolerances, Laser Cutting, Polyester Backed Tape and the Aerospace Industry

Extremely tight tolerances.

That's what one of Gasket Engineering's aerospace customers needed, and that's why they were cutting every piece out BY HAND for use on one of the Boeing Tier Two military vehicles! What they didn't know was that they could get these intricate polyester backed tape laser cut to save time and speed up production (while still getting the tight tolerances they were looking for).

Here's why it was such an intricate project:

     »  First, the project included 30 different shapes that need to be cut.
     »  Second, the parts included voids (or areas that needed to be masked off
         so that there would not be adhesive material in certain sections).
     »  Third, these pieces needed to be arranged together properly and sent to
         the manufacture in a certain configuration.

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