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In this issue:  Attention Miata Drivers!  •  New Website Launch  •  Help Needed  •  Upcoming Autocross Events • Rallycross Update  •  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly  •  Member Spotlight: Nick Landis  •  May Regional Meeting  •  April Meeting Minutes  •  SportsCar Feature: Mastering The Walk  •  Building Blocks: Part 1  •  Self Help: Better Judging Cornering Speed​  •  Dust Flies at RallyCross National Challenge​

From the Editor's Desk

Hi, there — So... I'm a little late on this month's Squeal. But, it's for a good reason. I was away for five days racing at Summit Point with my dad at the Jefferson 500. What a rush! You can check out a few of my best laps or, see what happens when you downshift instead of upshifting going into a turn in a Porsche 914/6. 

Anyway. We have some exciting things coming up! Check out the website update to the right and details on the upcoming autocross events below. You'll also find a recap of Summit Point Majors where four Susquehanna members competed, and a few informational articles from SCCA. 

And, don't forget! If you'd like to be highlighted as the Member Spotlight in the newsletter, on Facebook and (soon) on the new website homepage, make sure to submit your info!

Until next time — Kristen Poole
Assistant Regional Executive & Editor, The Squeal


Keep your eyes peeled this weekend! We'll be launching the new website. We do expect that there will be some down time late Friday evening while we work on switching everything over from the old to the new, but we should be up and running over the weekend. 


Help Needed

As mentioned in April Squeal: We had a couple of responses to our article in April, but we're still looking for some help with setup and photography. If you're interested in learning more, please email me for more info. 


Attention Miata Drivers!

JJ Wydra and his father were prepping their 1990 Mazda Miata for the start of this year's autocross season when JJ got in a accident. He had to be cut out of the car following the accident. He was left badly injured and in need of several surgeries before recovery could begin. The car was deemed a total loss. Thankfully, JJ is recovering, but their Miata was deemed a total loss and they're left with a lot of car parts — some still in boxes — that they can no longer use. If you're in the market, check out the list below and the link to the full list. 

  • V8 Roadsters Elite Series Tubular Control Arms — NEW IN BOXES
  • Flyin Miata Tokico Stage 2.5 Suspension Pakcage NA6 Chassis  — NEW IN BOXES
  • NA Upper Shock Mounts — NEW IN BOXES
  • Racing beat Sway Bar End Links — NEW IN BOXES
  • Lots of other OEM Mazda Parts

Upcoming Autocross Events

We've got a whopping four autocross events that are all right around the corner! Both are double headers at the Farm Show lot, and they're on back to back weekends. Check out the links below for more details and to register. Remember that no walk ups will be accepted for the morning events. And, of course, pre-registering makes it easier on our volunteers to coordinate work assignments and the like. So don't wait... register now! Should prove to be a fun packed couple of weeks. 

May 29 @ Farm Show

June 5 @ Farm Show  


Rallycross Update

Results are in!

The first rallycross event of the season was on April 17. While a recap was provided in the April Squeal, the results hadn't yet been posted. They're now up, so check 'em out. 

Rallycross Event #2

The next rallycross event will be held on June 25. Registration will open about a month before the event. In the meantime, you can find event details at the link below. 


The Good, the Bad (Weather) & the Ugly (Crash)

by Alan Lesher
April 29 to May 1, 2016. 

Mixed weather for Summit Point Majors as 4 Susquehanna region members took to the track to test themselves against the best the Northeast Conference has to offer. Friday qualifying, while cool, was dry. The rest of the weekend weather was all over the place.

Cold rain, sunshine, overcast, more sunshine;  you get the picture. Results?  Read on.

Don Walsh competed in E/Production and finished in 5th place on Saturday. He improved to 4th on Sunday.

Tyler Kicera drove to first place in Spec Miata on both Saturday and Sunday. Where is he going to put all those tires?

Vic Kicera finished in 11th place on Saturday, also in Spec Miata; and improved to 5th on Sunday. That was one of, if not the, most dramatic improvements of the weekend in any class.  

Alan Lesher competed in Super Touring/U. Here comes the ugly part. While in second place, during the last few laps of the Saturday race, there was a problem. Coming out of turn 1, I hit the "divot" where the access road joins the track. This  should not be a big deal; and I almost had it corrected. But, when the lower control arm broke, I ran out of talent. I am OK but the car needs body & paint work, among other things.    


Member Spotlight

Name: Nick Landis
From:  Steelton, PA
Runs: Rallycross
Drives: 1990 Honda Civic DX MF
Member since: 2014

I got into autocross in 2007 and transitioned to rallycross in 2012. It's always been a dream of a friend and I to rally race and after he took his life in 2005, I inherited his cars and decided to pursue our dream in his memory. I love the feeling of family that comes with this group and, thanks to the support of my wife, I will continue to help expand the rallycross program. I hope to see more people come out and try their hand at the dirty side of racing.


Want to be featured in a future newsletter? 


May Regional Meeting

Tuesday, May 24 • 7:30 p.m.
Our next meeting will be held in the private dining room at Gilligan's Bar and Grill, 987 Eisenhower Boulevard, Harrisburg, PA 17111.  

The meeting agenda will be provided to members via email this weekend, prior to the meeting. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come early for dinner (and a drink) with other members. 


Regional Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2016
Meeting called to order by Steve at 7:30 and there were people/members present. Someone is interested in running a Yugo?
     The March meeting minutes were approved as posted.
     Alan reported that income exceeded expenses by a wide margin as of the end of March because of recent events that were held.
     Steve reported on the membership and the all time high of 366 members has been exceeded with a current total of 374 and Steve has a list of 8-9 members to call who allowed their membership to lapse.
     Kristen reported that there was a new high for hits on the Squeal and that the new site will hopefully be ready soon. She talked about the banquet and it will likely stay at the old location of the Holiday Inn in Grantville.
     Geoff reported on the autocross series and how well the first event went. Kristen will be taking over as registration chief and will need someone to help her with that and Marcus would also like some help with set up and tear down for the events. The additional help for these jobs is not limited to one person so if anyone would like to help please contact Kristen or Marcus.
      The events at Hershey in March went great on Saturday as well as Sunday with only some slight issues on Sunday, but overall the weekend was a great success. There was discussion about the issues with the timing software and also the request for adding the PAX stuff to the live timing. Geoff thanked everyone involved with the event, and the next one will be at the end of May.
     John gave his report on the rallycross school with 12 entrants as well as the event that attracted 29 competitors. The course was fun and the event went well.
     Marcus and Kristen discussed the work going on with the website.
     Kristen spoke about the cost to do the Squeal and a motion to reimburse her for the cost was made by Geoff and seconded by Dave which passed.
     Dave talked about a HPD event that will be held at a road course if anyone is interested.
     A motion to adjourn was passed at 7:58.

Respectfully submitted — Ed Womer, Secretary


News from SCCA

SportsCar Feature:
Mastering The Walk

May 16, 2016 — Precision and patience are skills every autocrosser must have. It’s a sixth sense, knowing exactly where the footprint of your car is while pushing the limits around a cone-lined course, nary disturbing an orange marker. Here, one inch separates the winner from the rest. But unlike almost all other forms of motorsport, Solo only allows course walks prior to competition, meaning the first time drivers see the course at speed is during timed competition runs. So, for top competitors in the sport, the course walks have become the most important part of the entire competition.


SportsCar Feature:
Building Blocks

May 2, 2016 —  Part 1: The foundation of a good race engine begins with the short block.

Self Help: Better Judging Cornering Speed​

May 3, 2016 — Whether you’re racing closely in Club Racing or pushing yourself at a Track Night; dodging cones at a Solo or making ruts at a RallyCross, properly judging your cornering speed will make the difference between a DNF or victory. Jack Baruth over at Road & Track realized the same thing. He explains that being able to accurately judge the entry speed can be a natural talent for some, but is a skill that can be taught.


Dust Flies at RallyCross National Challenge​

April 20, 2016 — TOPEKA, Kan. — It was the dusty desert of Southern California, two hours north of Los Angeles or two hours east of Bakersfield, where adventurous drivers gathered to play April 15-17 at the 2016 SCCA West Coast RallyCross National Challenge.

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2016 Event Schedule

05/29/16: AX 3, Farm Show, AM
05/29/16: AX 4, Farm Show, PM

06/05/16: AX 5, Farm Show, AM
06/05/16: AX 6, Farm Show, PM

06/25/16: RX 2, Elmerton Lot
08/06/16: RX 3, Elmerton Lot
09/03/16: RX 4, Elmerton Lot

09/11/16: AX 7, Farm Show, AM
09/11/16: AX 8, Farm Show, PM
10/29/16: AX 9, Hershey Park
10/30/16: AX 10, Hershey Park


2016 Officers

Regional Exec: Steve Limbert
Assistant RE: Kristen Poole
Treasurer: Alan Lesher
Secretary: Ed Womer
Director 3 Yr: Geoff Craig
Director 2 Yr: Charlie Demmy
Director 1 Yr: Markus Houser

2016 Meeting Schedule

05/24/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
06/28/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
07/26/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
08/23/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
09/27/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
10/25/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans
11/22/16: Regional Meeting, Gilligans


2016 Autocross Rules


2016 Rallycross Rules

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