Newsletter - January 2020

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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2020! We hope you had a wonderful break over the holidays.

Here at speechBITE we’re looking forwards to keeping you updated during 2020 on the latest SLP references, which are added monthly to the speechBITE website.

We have a great 2020 planned, including special edition newsletters, which are produced every second month, on a range of topics. To kick things off, in this edition of the newsletter we are updating you on the latest intervention research that has recently been added to speechBITE.

Latest publications

Paediatric Literacy

Kelly C, Leitao S, et al (2019) The effectiveness of a classroom-based phonological awareness program for 4-5-year-olds

Partanen M, Siegel LS, et al (2019) Longitudinal outcomes of an individualized and intensive reading intervention for third grade students

Pecini C, Spoglianti S, et al (2019) Training RAN or reading? A telerehabilitation study on developmental dyslexia

Stevenson NA, Mussalow PR (2019) The effects of planning, goal setting, and performance feedback on avoidance behaviors for struggling readers

Ukrainetz TA (2019) Sketch and Speak: An Expository Intervention Using Note-Taking and Oral Practice for Children With Language-Related Learning Disabilities

Paediatric Language

Gengoux GW, Abrams DA, et al (2019) A pivotal response treatment package for children with autism spectrum disorder: An RCT

Thordardottir E, Rioux EJ (2019) Does Efficacy Equal Lasting Impact? A Study of Intervention Short Term Gains, Impact on Diagnostic Status, and Association with Background Variables


Caute A, Woolf C, et al (2019) Technology-Enhanced Reading Therapy for People With Aphasia: Findings From a Quasirandomized Waitlist Controlled Study

Pierce JE, Menahemi-Falkov M, et al (2019) Constraint and multimodal approaches to therapy for chronic aphasia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Pitt R, Theodoros D, et al (2019) The development and feasibility of an online aphasia group intervention and networking program - TeleGAIN

Zhang H, Li H, et al (2019) Therapeutic effect of gradual attention training on language function in patients with post-stroke aphasia: a pilot study


Benfield JK, Everton LF et al (2019) Does Therapy With Biofeedback Improve Swallowing in Adults With Dysphagia? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Chen HJ, Chen JL, et al (2019) Effect of an Oral Health Programme on Oral Health, Oral Intake, and Nutrition in Patients with Stroke and Dysphagia in Taiwan: A Randomised Controlled Trial OPEN ACCESS

Varley LP, Denieffe S, et al (2019) A systematic review of noninvasive and invasive sialorrhoea management


Stein MJ, Zhang Z, et al (2019) Determining postoperative outcomes after cleft palate repair: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Wang J, Wu D, et al (2019) Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Apraxia of Speech and Cortical Activation in Patients With Stroke: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Study


Maresca G, Pranio F, et al (2019) Augmentative and alternative communication improves quality of life in the early stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis OPEN ACCESS


Amin MR, Achlatis S, et al (2019) The Role of Oral Steroids in the Treatment of Phonotraumatic Vocal Fold Lesions in Women

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