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How quickly another year has passed seemed to be a regular topic of conversation over the Christmas/New Year period. At Valley Plastic Surgery, we’re celebrating our first birthday in January and we’re certainly surprised at how quickly the time has passed!

While I think life will always travel at some sort of warped breakneck speed, we’d like to take a moment to pause and thank YOU – our patients, friends and family – for the support and referrals since we opened our doors. 

Nothing is more important than health and sometimes we can forget about that when the pace is brisk. Creating our practice and the soothing environment was a labour of love for us and we hope we’ve established a space where you are re-assured that your health is the priority. 

Looking forward to many more ‘birthdays’!

Dr Matthew Peters and Dr Raymond Goh


Cancer Council says behaviour of young women putting them at risk for skin cancer

A DESIRE for the perfect summer glow is increasing the risk of melanoma among young Queensland women.

Research by Cancer Council Queensland shows young women are more at risk of developing melanoma than young men, with 140 new diagnosed cases among women under 35 – more than 20 per cent higher than among men.

The Cancer Council said the findings were a wake-up call that behaviour of young women was putting them at risk.

Our entire medical team are specialists in the field of skin cancer and skin care and can address any concerns you may have. 


TGA Alert: Beware of 'home based' beauty services

The TGA has received reports of individuals offering cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections from home-based beauty salons. These home based services may be using imported products which have not been approved for supply in Australia.

These products may contain harmful ingredients and usually do not meet the same standards of quality and safety as those approved by the TGA. You should always see a qualified health professional for cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections.

Make sure the service is provided in a safe and sterile environment.
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Skin-Care Resolutions to Make This Year 

Extend your New Year’s resolutions past the typical two weeks that it takes to forget about your goals.

Adopt one simple treatment or change each month, and within a year, you’ll dramatically improve the health and appearance of your skin and have every reason to glow.

As the New Year begins, take some time to examine your skin. Is your skin drier than it used to be? Is it rougher?  Do you notice any signs of sun damage? Kirralee, our cosmetic nurse, will work with you to make a list of short-term and long-term goals you’d like to achieve with your skin care routine and formulate a plan to achieve those goals.


Do blokes really need to rub lotion into their faces?


The New Daily recently interviewed several experts – including our own specialist dermatologist Dr Kate DeAmbrosis –  who were firmly of the opinion that real men do, and should, moisturise.
Check out Dr Kate DeAmbrosis’ advice and the full article here: