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Happy Thursday! :)

Today I'd like to tell you about something that is incredibly important to me: myself. That obviously completely narcissistic and the weird thing is that I'm actually okay with that.

Before telling you why I'm so narcissistic, I want to give you some context by telling you about my biggest fear in life. The thing I fear most is that one morning I'll wake up and I'll realize that I had completely stopped learning, which will also mean that I had stopped improving. Reaching that plateau seems like standing still and looking straight into Death's eyes.

I don't have enough balls to beat Death in that staring contest. Knowing that I would thus rather avoid that situation is what has driven me to be more selfish and maybe even a touch narcissistic.

I believe that "done is better than perfect" and as such there's only one thing that I can ever be perfect at: being myself. To that extent, I also only ever strive to be the best Adii that I can be. And the way I have done that is to truly invest in myself in whatever way that I can.

It's on that backdrop that I read and absolutely loved this article about treating yourself as a startup. I love the story of Elon Musk and how he's accomplished so much as an entrepreneur, because he has never stopped learning, growing and improving. That mindset also fully supports the "10 000 hour"-rule that Malcolm Gladwell dictates in Outliers: do anything for 10 000 hours and you'll be able to master that thing.

I'm not perfect and I've most definitely become more selfish over the years as I strive for this continuous improvement in my personal life. I make loads of mistakes, but I accept those, learn from them and use that feedback loop to try again tomorrow.

Build, measure, learn. (Then, rinse & repeat.)

How can you start treating yourself more like a startup? What would you gain if you implemented a lean approach to learning and taking action in your life? What would you be able to achieve?

In next week's e-mail, I hope to share a few tactics that has helped me to be more of a personal startup. Until then, keep making new mistakes and learning from those!



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