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Guess What's Coming to Gmail

Sorry it's been a while. Last week I was in San Francisco for #LitmusLive and, like everyone else, freaking out about the coming update from the Gmail team. 

Gmail FTW

The news was so big, Kevin and I busted out the Zoom and recorded a special episode of The Email Design Podcast in between sessions at the conference. Check it out to see what we think Gmail's pending support for embedded CSS and media queries means for the email industry. 

Tune in now

Is it later this month yet?

The folks behind TABLE TR TD put together a genius bit of email marketing. Subscribe and view in a Gmail client to be the first to know when the Gmail update hits. 

We're almost there

Will you change how you code?

Over on the Litmus Community, Jaina Mistry asks the question that's on every email developer's mind. How will the Gmail update change how you code your templates?

Inline or embedded?

In completely unrelated news...

The Gmail update making you feel good? My daughter's school is doing their annual Fun Run. You can sponsor her by donating online, if that's your thing. My wife is on the PTA board, so I can guarantee that it goes to some worthwhile causes: classroom resources, soccer goals, field trips, etc.

Feeling generous?

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