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Planning Your Future

Stuart Parkin

Two questions I’m frequently asked by planners: ‘What makes me most marketable?’ and, ‘What are my career options?’

The good news for planners is that the career options are extensive. We’ve seen planners (good ones) go to branding agencies, PR shops, media players, digital homes, design spaces, innovation boutiques, research houses, client-side, start-ups, consultancies of all hues, many have freelanced and others have set up their own businesses in unrelated areas.

And what makes planners most marketable? Perhaps the best insights come from your peers that took the plunge.

  • For me today the virtue most needed for folks wanting to change the fortunes of brands is fearlessness’ Michael Fanuele, Chief Creative Officer, General Mills
  • A tendency to listen more than to speak’ –Katie Dreke, Global Brand Director/Advanced Concepts, Nike
  • ‘What matters most is intellectual curiosity and an aptitude for change’–Ivan Wicksteed, CMO, Old Navy

In my experience strategic planners in most demand have a business mindset with a results focus; an ability to communicate and gain confidence through understanding client or colleague motivations; and an appreciation of the role that technology plays in building brands.

Looking forward to taking with you about your career progression.



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