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A few words from Tim...

Firstly, I am gutted that no one has chased me or apparently even noticed that we missed sending out a newsletter last month!

Our excuse is an exciting one and despite the lack of appreciation(!) I'm so happy to share the news that WE'RE FINALLY MOVING!

New premises

Today's the day, well this week - and thankfully it's going well so far! It's taken what seems like forever, but the great thing about being on our newsletter list is that you are the first to know.

We're not going far, in fact it is only 5 minutes down the road so for those of you who are local or were planning a visit, we're still in the vicinity so don't worry.

It will be a phased move with our sister company Adept Precision moving first, and Plunkett Associates following a few weeks after once our shiny new offices have been built! We'll keep you updated with new address details soon.

In celebration of our expansion, we've made some changes to our website to mark the occasion. We love our new look - up-to-date, precise, clean and fresh – and there’ll be more to suprises to come so keep an eye out.

As ever we remain dedicated to your requirements and at your service,

Plunkett Associates
We're on the move

We're on the Move

Our new premises are huge!

We're so looking forward to being able to carry on doing what we do, only bigger and better!

Website refresh

Website refresh

It's new and improved!

We're still the same, just growing, expanding our services and able to meet your requirements quicker.


If you have a project in mind, or would like more information, contact us and we will be pleased to help.

01452 386608